NZ’s Demonic Dairy Industry


Featured Image – Fonterra Logo – from the Latin, Fund Terror. As in eco terrorism. Note the use of the rings of Saturn. They should really just use a Swastika or Hexagon around a dead rotting cow.  Fair use/ public commentary. 


New Zealand’s dairy industry is run by demonic greedy bastards for demonic greedy bastards. They are eco terrorists on a scale of which NZ has never seen before, much like our homelessness, drug addiction and child abuse records. Its all the same ‘demon’ after all – Rothschild greed and associated debt.

Rothschild debt can be equated with having demons infesting up your rectum, and NZ dairy farmers have a truck load. Having a large amount of Rothschild debt ticking over while you sleep at night can be equated to being gang raped in your sleep by a group of semitic money lenders, in the spiritual sense, and this is the unfortunate spiritual analogy for NZ dairy farmers these days. Having been (spiritually) gang raped in their sleep each night by Rothschild money lenders, they wake up each morning ready to race out the door and murder as many bobby calves as they can. This analogy also explains how most people are driving these days – gang raped each night in their sleep by foreign/alien money lenders, then ready to kill, or commit suicide on the roads each morning.

One only has to rewind a few decades to when the average family run dairy farm looked after their animals, didn’t vaccinate them with toxic chemicals and fed them natural foods (mostly just clean grass), and the milk, cream and cheese they produced was pure and a high quality. These days it is laced with antibiotics, vaccines, genetically modified stock feed and even glycophate from the soils. This mass produced demonic milk is then watered down, often with fluoridated water, and then cow snot/ rennet added for good measure, then served up in toxic plastic containers. Like most things in this new demonic Rothschild run corporate Fourth Reich, it is poisoning you and your family.

Not content with turning what was once quite clean milk into some sort of toxic potion, the NZ dairy elites also then export the best of what they produce and sell you what is left over at a higher price than they sell their product overseas. You can now buy NZ milk in Asia and Europe cheaper than you can here, after they actually ship it there. This is called “Globalisation” – a system of serial gang rape designed by wealthy globalist pedophiles and cheered on by their aspiring wannabes in the Nations they control.

You know when you are driving past one off these demonic NZ dairy farms, as the roads start becoming dirty with pot holes all over them from the Fonterra trucks, you can sense the death and decay, as that is the business these demonic greedy bastards are in these days. They even breed as many bobby calves as they can so as to increase milk production to service their Rothschild rectum debt, then simply snatch the baby calves off their mothers and put them in a pen by the side of the road to be taken away to the dog food factory. Up to 2 million of them every year. In a word – Demonic.

Dairy farmers are unfortunately so thick that they will never figure out that you are not only what you eat, but also what you do – which is essentially factory farming, abuse, death, murder, baby snatching and decay – and thus dairy farmers now have one of the highest suicide rates in NZ. It is quite simply called Karma and these greedy demonic bastards are paying the price, quite naturally.


Fonterra / Fund Eco Terror CEO & Chief of Suicides – Theo Spierings – paid a multi million bonus again this year while his dairy farmers top themselves at record levels. Earns $160,000 per week on average – roughly $250,000 per suicide, or $5 per murdered bobby calf. This greedy filthy demonic bastard should be arrested and put on trial for the serial rape and plunder of our Nation and environment – if not lynched – before he flees the country, in our usual humble opinion. In fact it is disturbing to even look at a photo of this demonic corporate pig. Are his teeth shape shifting? Lets all hope he has a serious quad bike accident. Lawful disclaimer – Media Whores stresses that we have seen absolutely no direct evidence that Theo Spierings is one of these “wealthy globalist pedophiles” that we mention above, although he is obviously a globalist, and rather wealthy. Milk exports, bobby calf slaughter and dairy farmer suicides are all booming after all. And these sorts of demonic greedy bastards are often a bit top heavy on the greedy demonic lawyers. 

NZ is experiencing a crisis of greed – and these greedy demonic pigs are leading the charge, along with all the other greedy corporate pigs, and the politicians and media that enable them.

God and/or his counterpart works in mysterious ways and is shipping as many of these demonic greedy bastards off to hell as he can – where they belong. They have already sold their souls anyway, so we are just witnessing the transactions/ Karma take place.


Image – Nick Smith MP – big supporter of NZ’s greedy dairy farmer eco terrorists, and yet to answer to allegations he is running a child abuse ring from his Nelson electorate office. 


Image – Jamie McKay of The Farming Show – laughing all the way to the bank through record NZ farmer suicides, Rothschild debt, land sell offs to the Chinese communist party, and mass murder of 4 day old bobby calves. A suspiciously long nose. Looks like something straight out of a demonic goblin horror movie. Again, MW stresses we have seen no direct evidence that this demonic little freak is part of the alleged globalist pedophile ring……

Get off the mass murder milk and demonic dairy folks – you are paying with your souls, by design, rest assured. And stop feeding it to your children, we are what we eat. The human body does not require calcium – this is another Rothschild/ elite half truth. We need calcium phosphate and it is found in plants, not mass murder demonic dairy processed shit.

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