EXCLUSIVE – Interview With the King Maker from His Bolt Hole Up North


Featured Image – the King Maker’s Bolt Hole up ‘North’ somewhere. 


Media Whores – the Nation’s only real / non corporate agenda news source – is somewhat privileged to bring you our exclusive interview with your King Maker from his bolt hole up North somewhere.

The interview was conducted by a new application called “6th Sense” which works through the ether, without any need for a dumb phone.

Here is what he had to say:

Dear Kiwis,

Like so many of the other Sovereign nations, you have allowed yourselves to be infiltrated, taken over and plundered by a small group of interbred demonic corporate parasites who are wholesale raping you and even now abusing your children on an industrial level in their schools, new age churches and even MP and doctors offices. Their end goal is to microchip you all like cattle.

This is wholly [holy?] unacceptable. I did not create you to be slaves to a small bunch of inbred demonic parasites.

You must stop allowing these child abusers to divide you, put aside your differences and unite to form your own Sovereign form of negotiation and administration. By doing this and removing the inbred parasitic gang of child abusers at the top,  around 95% of you will be at least 50% better off and you can grow prosperous and free as a Nation again.

Here is what I want you to do:

  1. Form a United Tribes who will work together to achieve this goal. There shall be 12 tribes in total, this has always been my favorite number, and those 12 tribes will represent all groups and locations within your beautiful sovereign land. This is not a “Maori Government” – this is for tangata whenua, or all people of the land. We will have no such division by use of names thank you, save for my divine use of the words “parasites, “demons” and “inbreds”.
  2. You must round up and arrest everyone and anyone who has been ‘leading’ Government and your local councils for at least the past 30 years and investigate them for the high crime of treason, as well as drug trafficking and organized pedophilia. This includes the current judiciary and most notably the chief justice Sian Elias. You will give them fair trials and there will be no violence done to them, despite the horrific violence these demented parasites have done to you, as that will only make you as bad as they are. Those found to be guilty will have all of their assets seized and distributed among the most needy in your society. You will then build a suitable self sustainable labour camp for these parasites, somewhere out of the way that you all agree on. You have a range of suitable Islands which will serve well to isolate and contain these demonic globalist leaches.
  3. You will wipe all income taxes off the working, effective immediately. Income taxes are an abhorrence and a clear contradiction to my natural and universal laws. Your income taxes are currently being stolen off you by force and used to finance illegal wars and other crimes against humanity both overseas and in your own backyards, such as the fluoridating of your water and chemtrailing of your skies. A small user pays tax, what you currently refer to as GST shall remain, which will more than cover all of the services you shall require both now and going forward. This user pays tax shall never exceed 10%. Anyone that suggests otherwise shall be arrested and chucked in the labour camp with his fellow ‘exclusive’ brethren.
  4. Taxes will be renegotiated for all global corporates who wish to operate in your Sovereign Nation. These taxes shall be fair and the money raised used for the good of the people and Nation. The same with all over sized and corrupt domestic companies, cartels and monopolies, they must be dismantled and the owners all put on trial with a view to seizing their assets. Start with Mike Bayley from Bayleys Real Estate please – he is obviously a corrupt little nasty prick – he has already been busted manipulating housing market matters while stuffing his pockets and selling you out to foreigners and I have heard he even tried to have you shut down. Likewise for the rest of his ilk.
  5. Similarly, all of your International free trade agreements shall be renegotiated so that they serve you the people and your Nation and not the small gang of globalist parasites and bankers that are currently raping your resources, people and environment. No food, resources or even land and housing will be sold to any non citizen, government or corporation until the needs of your own people are met first. It is now people before Rothschild/ satanic ‘profits’. I am the only ‘profit’ and you blaspheme every time you use that word to discuss money. The people doing that are all parasitic child abusers and/or pedophiles and the practice will cease.
  6. All dangerous chemicals shall be immediately removed from the food and water supplies. These demented inbred parasites are currently mass murdering you via the supermarket chains they own and control. This is a crime against my creation of humanity and those responsible must also be rounded up and put on trial as well. You will start with all council members who are fluoridating your water supplies.
  7. You will take back control over your own money supply. The parasitic Rothschild owned central banking system is the means by which these inbred parasites have infiltrated your political system and passed laws favoring their fellow inbred family members and their network of parasitic global corporations. All of the debt they have pushed upon you is “odious debt” and is therefore unlawful and null and void, effective immediately. You will start issuing your own money and there shall be a system of debit put in place. There shall be no such thing as credit anymore, as it will not be needed. Every citizen will be afforded a home and enough for basics as a starting point. If they choose to lose, waste or destroy that privilege, then and only then will they have to start again from the bottom up and learn their lesson.
  8. You must go back and re-investigate any wealthy foreigners who have arrived here in the past 20 years under your corrupt foreign banker run immigration system. Those who are found to have gained their wealth through illegal or unethical means shall be unceremoniously expelled from your land. Most of them are inbred parasites anyway. Similarly for those who have arrived here in the past 20 years without much money – they must be squeaky clean, or they must be expelled.
  9. You must set up a real on line security team (as opposed to the current Israeli run corrupt GCSB), who will work towards securing all of your private data and on line activities from the parasitic Israeli and Soviet spies who currently hack and spy on everything you and your family do. Internet technology, if it is to be used at all, must serve you the people, not a small bunch of globalist perverts who are spying on your children.
  10. The current system of Government, the corrupt judiciary and lawyers must be disbanded and stood down ASAP and dutifully ignored until they are. See video below for instruction. They have no legitimacy. They must all also be investigated. They are a bunch of demonic parasites, mostly inbred, and they have been robbing you all blind. They have failed to protect you from the inbred pedophile gang, as evidenced in the Justin Davis Files and are by any serious analysis, the very people doing the child abusing. Common law courts will be set up and run by the United Tribes and sovereign citizens will all be taught and expected to learn both contract and common law and how to represent themselves under the new universal law of “Do No Harm”. That is now the only real law. The United Tribes may agree on other administrative bylaws, only when agreed upon and absolutely needed.
  11. There will be no more artificial divisions. You are now all one people, with equal rights and equally obligated to do no harm to each other. If you wish to commit yourself to any other religion or movement in your own personal space, that is your business, but it is on the one condition that you do NOT infringe on anyone else’s sovereign rights or private space, and that your first loyalty is to your neighbors.
  12. All of those who stay in New Zealand must affirm their loyalty to New Zealand within this new United Tribes system of oversight. Those who are primarily loyal to any other body or nation state must be extradited. Most notably those who are loyal to the Israeli state, these people do not serve your interests.

And that will do for now. I have some urgent matters to deal with over in Spain as other Nations and peoples start to stand up against these demonic inbred globalist parasites. The United Tribes will fill in the blanks and get the ball rolling. You know who you are, it is time to unite and get moving. These demonic globalist parasites are abusing your children on a daily basis and on a wholesale scale, and I have had enough. So stop arguing with each other and dividing yourselves with these ridiculous labels and names and get on with it. I made you in my image, to be free and independent and that you shall now be.

Please be aware that if you fail me, the next step may well be another flood.

God Speed.


How to lawfully ignore your inbred parasitic criminal globalist fake corporate government: 



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