The Fluoride in Your Water is Killing You – Slowly


The sodium fluoride/ rat poison being added to your water by the demented/ satanic inbreds and perverts in your councils & government, is killing you and your family, slowly. The poison builds up over time in your organs, glands and bones and breaks down the body leading to arthritis and brain damage. Every glass you drink is cumulative and will cause aging, arthritis and eventual death.

Fluoridated is added via water to most beers and wines, all soft drinks, most juices and other drinks.

Calcium fluoride is good for your bones and teeth, but it is sodium fluoride and its derivatives that they are putting in the town water supplies. These satanic perverts hide this fact by calling it “fluoride”. They specialise in these half truths, terrorizing you with words.

You are their Goy slaves, and die you must. Painfully. And you will also fund it……

The good news is that you can buy water distillers at fairly reasonable rates, and can detox almost anything from your body using distilled water and an alkaline detox plan…..

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