Las Vegas Shooting Hoax Updates with John Campbell


Featured Image – John Campbell – professional coke sucker and treasonous bullshit artist. 


Crisis actors galore, laughing, joking, smiling. No blood.

And a shooter who they now claim converted to Islam, and carried around 400 pounds of weapons up to the 30th floor undetected, disarmed all of the casino security cameras and alarms, set up a snipers nest, removed an 800 pound hurricane proof window, then fired for 10 minutes, and all with no training. Actually he fired from two different floors at the same time.

Oh dear.

Oh – and he also survived the Sandy Hook school shooting a few years back as well. Poor chap had quite a bad run of late.


This one was blamed on an angry white male supremacist which in the least makes a refreshing change from the angry Muslim story.

There is a small gang of wacko interbred satanists staging all of the ‘terror’ attacks to keep support going for the wars for Israel and to distract everyone while they plunder and destroy the Western Nations from within.  Always posing as the victims, as per usual. And they apparently run the NZ Government and media as well.

This is presumably the same little inbred gang that Justin Davis has revealed are drugging and abusing children around NZ, and getting away with it. The only group who all seem to be above the law, and the media.

These are the same people that fluoridate your water supplies. Then terrorise NZ families every day of the week with their fake news while ear bashing everyone about the precious holocaust of 70 years ago.

John Campbell still pushing it – could he be another one of these creeps being bribed?

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