The Winston Peters Hoax


Featured Image – Winston Peters


We are betting that the very first condition for any coalition deal would be to get Media Whores off line. NZ’s inbred shadow communist Government has a long tradition of silencing the truth, one way or another.

Anyway, let’s continue

Here are 7 simple signs that Winston Peters is just another Rothschild sponsored, compromised and bribed hoax:

  1. He will not even mention the Rothschild owned and controlled Reserve Bank/ RB. Or their cartel of so called  ‘Aussie’ trading banks. Let alone tax or regulate them.
  2. He will avoid any and all discussion about the toxic sodium fluoride being added to the water supplies.
  3. The chemtrailing of our skies by foreign drones traveling on non existent flight paths will never be mentioned, much less discussed.
  4. The 500 kg of meth coming into NZ every month will continue to flow, much as it did in Nazi Germany under Hitler and his Jewish medical advisors.
  5. He will continue to send young NZ men to fight in illegal wars in the Middle East to help Israel ethnically cleanse Muslims and Christians from their newly claimed lands, as well as help NATO grow their big pharma opium supplies in Afghanistan.
  6. He will continue the usual song and dance around taxes and welfare, without ever discussing the very real and obvious solution that removing all income taxes would solve both problems almost overnight.
  7. He will go with National, because they are the most easy to bribe, and will likewise bribe him the most …..and Nick Smith MP will keep his job, again, like a cockroach. Not that Labour would be any better, in fact they are probably a far sicker bunch on average.

Also this below from author Greg Hallett – whom they tried to murder. The problem with trying to murder NZ journalists and authors, is that the allegations don’t really go away. They fester. Media Whores cannot confirm if these claims are true or not, but refer above later if in any doubt…..

Winston Peters was a Heroin Trafficker with Peter Williams. Winston Peters girlfriend, Heeni Phillips, is now Peter Williams common law wife. Winston Peters and Peter Williams shared the same office in Tauranga, never practised law, and only practised Heroin Trafficking. Winston Peters bribes the National Party because he was also trafficking heroin with Prime Minister Rob Muldoon. Peter Williams extorts the National Party because he filmed the President of the National Party having sex with a minor in 2009 above the Platos Restaurant on Ponsonby Road. Peter Williams owns the building next door.   – Greg Hallett

Plus Ian Wishart wrote a book on Winston Peters‘ life and the Justin Davis Files would seem to suggest that most books written by Ian Wishart have been shadow Government murder and child abuse ring cover up operations. Sharp eyes would have noticed Wishart is now selling cell phones for a living, possibly because his cover has been blown wide open.

Here’s hoping however that Winston proves us wrong. If he comes out truly swinging he would have a Nation’s support behind him.

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