How to Dispute ALL Traffic & Parking Tickets – Like a Boss


Featured Image – an artists impression of Simon Bridges MP, Minister of Transport. Many argue he should be tried as a serial killer. 

“Simon Bridges….Jewish and extremely dodgy with the appearance of a serial killer..” – Tedcar website

As the uncomfortable realization begins to dawn on the average TV addicted Kiwi that our Government is largely a loose collection of demonic inbred Bolshevik / Communist terrorists being bribed and controlled by the Rothschild banking mafia for crimes ranging from child sex abuse to drug trafficking and heroin addiction, it becomes more important than ever to make a stand and essentially boycott them altogether.

One highly productive way that the average Kiwi citizen can do this is to dispute all and every traffic and parking ticket that these Bolshevik terrorists send you, and as per usual, Media Whores has the very best advice on doing so.

The illegitimates have just announced another record road death toll for the year but the media refuses to admit that it is mostly due to the new pot holes and giant deformed patches of roading all over the Nation these days due to the non stop procession of large trucks that are shipping all of our resources to the ports – like thieves in the night. Drivers are so busy trying to avoid Fonterra potholes these days, while keeping an eye out for dodgy / hidden cops and cameras, as well as trying to read all of the never ending road safety signs and messages, that they can’t possibly concentrate on their driving at the same time. This is by design of course, as road deaths are a huge business for our inbred Soviet communist Government, with millions spent / made in emergency services, insurance, repairs, investigations and even entire foreign families booking hotels when they come to collect their dead.

Red light cameras, speeding cameras and sneaky little traitorous perverts in unmarked cars, clearly have very little to do with safety, as proven by the never ending road toll records, and so we all have a duty as honest and honorable citizens to dispute them. Not to mention the growing evidence that our traffic light systems are run by Israeli hackers who set them to cause as many traffic jams and carnage as possible (research Operation Talpiot).

These private corporate / communist Bolshevik inbreds that pose as authority are murdering Kiwis like never before and it is our collective duty to boycott them in any and every way possible.

Firstly, if you read the back of the tickets these corporate/ communist crooks send you, you will notice they give you two options 1) pay the fine or 2) request a court hearing. They are very sneaky dishonest commie bastards and fail to advise you that there is a 3rd option – which is simply to write back and “formally dispute” the fine, leaving them with the option of organizing a court hearing themselves, which they never do as the cost of doing so can run into the 10’s of thousands for the Crown. We provide some guidelines for disputing fines below, which you can use with almost any type of road related fine, but one important thing to remember is to always courier track your letter to them, as the shadow Synagogue of Satan criminal bastards that run our Government will try every dirty little dishonest trick in the book and often just claim they never received your letter. So always courier track all correspondence with these bastards. A $5 tracked letter is still far cheaper than paying the actual fine.

Another point to make is that these dirty rotten corrupt bastards seldom include a return address for disputing the fines these days either, so just search for the Ministry of Transport, Police or Ministry of Justice addresses on line, depending on who has sent you the ticket/ claim.

One of our favorite methods for disputing traffic fines is to write back in and counter claim that you are concerned by allegations made by NZ author Greg Hallett that most if not all of our MP’s and Mayors are sexual perverts, child abusers and drug addicts being bribed and controlled and that until these allegations are fully investigated, your ticket remains in “formal dispute”. The Crown will never set down a court hearing at which they suspect someone is going to show up and recite quotes from “NZ a Blackmailers Guide”.

We should make clear here, we are not suggesting you actually blackmail the bastards, just simply tell them the truth. The truth being their worst possible nightmare.

Other popular methods for speed camera fines is to write back and request a copy of the photographic evidence (as afforded by law) as well as proof the camera in question has been tested recently. You then go over the photograph and test results and look for holes in their claim, such as: does the photo actually show your vehicle and plate? Does it clearly show the actual location? Does it show the correct direction of the vehicle? Were you actually there at that time? Do you have an alibi? Can you find an alibi? Does the camera inspection report show the exact location, correct camera serial number etc? Does the inspection report prove that the camera was mounted correctly, even if it has been tested? Who is to say the person who set the camera did it right? is there any proof the person who tested the camera or mounted it was trained and certified? Can they produce any such evidence? Was there adequate signage in that area clearly showing the speed limit? Well I’m sorry, but this “mater is now in formal dispute”.

It really doesn’t matter what issue you come up with, as long as you find a valid reason to say “therefore I formally dispute this matter” and the Crown is left with no option but to either spend $10-$20,000 on a court hearing with the various policemen all showing up to give their evidence, or simply let it go.

We provide some examples below and a link to a Facebook page you can use for more references and discussion and to share ideas.

Remember that the Crown are aware that the very worst thing that can happen to this little cash cow of theirs, namely the new age of pervert cameras up your ass on the roads, is if everyone starts to cotton on and starts writing in and disputing the fines. So they will try a few tricks to throw you off course. Rest assured however, if you track your letter and keep the proof that the fine has been “formally disputed” you are pretty much done.

Another good idea is to send them your rate card with the first letter and then start billing them every time they contact you. Add 15% interest per month in your rate card / fee schedule and before long the Crown will owe you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Filing such a claim in the courts if you have all the paper work is a very easy process also.

NOTE – always drive safely and respect others as you would have them respect you.

Here is the Facebook page with many examples:

And one example below – followed by a sample rate card/ fee schedule.

NOTE: you should NEVER use your full legal name in dealing with these criminal bastards. Nor that signature. The Crown OWNS your name and you are in breach of copyright every time you use it. We include some videos below. Use your first or middle name ONLY and sign as “Administrator for: bla bla bla / full legal name]. The same applies in courts and with police, never use or confirm your full legal name, unless being threatened by them, then only do so “under duress”, or sign with “under duress” written by the name. Any contract made under duress is unlawful and therefore unenforceable. If you use the legal name, they own your sorry slave ass. 

Ministry of Justice

Central Processing Unit



For the name: xxxxxxxxxx




PPN: xxxxxxxxx   CRN: xxxxxxxxxx

Date: xxxxxxxx

To whom it may concern,

Your letter dated xxxxxxxx addressed to xxxxxxxx in regards “xxxxxx” has been received.

Please be informed that we have a full recording of the incident in question in which the above PO Box address was given to the policeman in question. All mail received at that PO Box address is tracked and recorded and we can confirm (and prove) that no notification of the fine ever arrived. As such, you have no lawful right to be dealing with nor enforcing this matter.

We have previous detailed how this is a pattern of behaviour by your organization, which is probably best described as a Soviet / Jewish Bolshevik mafia crime and fraud operation. The video evidence also proves that the police provided no lawful reason to pull over the driver to begin with, and then detained him for well over 30 minutes in total, again in breach of police practice and law, and again much as one would expect from a Soviet/ Jewish failed communist state.

The unlawful stopping of the driver and unlawful detainment is another matter however which we will address later if needed. In the meantime, please be informed that you have NO lawful nor legal right to be administering this fraudulent claim, as per usual.

We have notified you a number of times previously of our rate schedule for your continued soviet/ Jewish styled unlawful harassment of the person xxxxxxxx. Please find attached your latest invoice for this latest fraud and malpractice, as well as a statement of overdue account. This letter also serves as (another) final demand.

Yours in good faith


Fee Schedule

For the legal (Crown owned) name: xxxxx

As at 02/08/2016

Please be informed of the fee schedule below for any further advice/ response/ communications or other activity that requires time in administering the trust: xxxxxxxx. . These fees apply to your organization, all and any of your agents and agencies and any other actions taken on the basis of  your instruction or actions.

Rates exclude GST – GST will be added wherever required


Hourly Rate = $1000/ hour.  1 hour minimum on ALL work/ jobs/ requests/ letters/ replies/ emails/ texts/ unlawful arrests/ detainment/ time wasting/ conversations etc.

This rate applies to:

-Opening  Letters – Reading Letters – Writing Letters – Receiving Phone Calls – Making phone Calls – Returning Phone Calls – Receiving /Reading/Replying to Text Messages – Sending Emails – Receiving Emails – Being detained, arrested, stopped or otherwise taking up time.

These rates apply to any requests made or work carried out in responding etc to your claims, allegations, correspondence and/or actions.

Rates are subject to change with notice.

Please insure to provide your billing address with any further requests or communications

Invoices will be provided for any such time or work done. Payment due within 30 days to nominated bank account number. Terms are strictly 30 days net. 15% interest per month applies to any account not paid within 30 days.



Administrator for the legal name/ account : xxxxxxxx

All inherent rights reserved.



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