Allegations Harvey Weinstein Demands “Gravy” on the Casting Couch


Featured Image – Harvey Weinstein, the current face of the sicko elites ,sexual deviant & slobbering pervert, hung out to dry by his fellow elite ‘Jewish’ Hollywood dogs in what is most likely some sort of cover up operation, or just power lust and greed. 


It just gets worse.

Allegations Harvey Weinstein & his fellow Holy-wood Jewish Elites Demand “Gravy” on the Casting Couch ……see video below. Pack of sick mongrels.

Kiwis should keep in mind that the same tribal mafia are said to be running most industry in New Zealand these days. Not least Media Works and most other corporate media. And the Government. And most of the Real Estate companies.

If you think we are getting a bit heavy on the Judes – well that’s your problem because we go after all of these types.

7 Days of Sodomy and Pedophilia at Media Works NZ

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