Is Australia Trying to Flush Out it’s Jewish MP’s?


As the debate rages on in Australia about “foreign born” MP’s who have no legal right to be in parliament, the mainstream media whores have detailed all sorts of nationalities involved while maintaining their usual blanket silence on the real elephant in the room – the Jews and Israel.

When you hear these sorts of news stories about International politics, one of the best ways to get to the bottom of the story is to do a search on the headlines and add the word “Jew” or “Israel” and see what pops up. Much like when you research the latest false flag terrorist attacks – add the word “hoax”, in fact even “Israel” will usually reveal more truth.

We did this today and can see articles claiming that there are now “5 Jewish MP’s” in the Australian parliament. That number is likely played down to avoid causing alarm. We think the number of Jewish MP’s in NZ for example is probably around 50% or more.

The interesting question is of course, are the Australians using the citizenship laws to try and flush out the Jewish MP’s from their Government as the Zionists invade with their ill gotten gains and take over with their immigration, anti family and gay agendas?

“As Australia waits for the final results of a tightly-contested general election, five Jewish members have been assured a seat in the next parliament.

Incumbent Jewish members Michael Danby and Mark Dreyfus appear to have held their Victorian seats for the Labor Party.

Read more at Jewish propaganda vehicle “Forward”  :

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