Other NZ Bloggers being Attacked for Exposing Jewish Power


Other Kiwi bloggers being attacked for exposing Jewish power….

Rock attack!….and it ain’t anything to do with music.

October 12, 2017

This happened a few days back early in the morning (still dark)

Surprisingly the window did not shatter.

As to the culprits….well there are a number of options….???.

Perhaps the same ones who chucked a large piece of masonry on the roof which made a helluva racket…that was about a year’s back…..but too boring to make mention of at the time.

What’s the objective….you wonder….to stop me blogging perhaps….well if I haven’t stop blogging because of gunshot attacks both in NZ and abroad I am hardly going to stop because of this sort of stuff.Now having some cunt waving a pistol around on a deserted back road in Surrey (uk) well that was “challenging”…..or how about the barrage of gunshots in the dead of night in a youth hostel on the outskirts of London (while in a tent)….

Yesterday I had the compulsory unmarked police car hanging around…

So what is the BASIC PROBLEM HERE….easy…..it all boils down to the subject of this blog…..JEWISH POWER….only,because it is all so complex…..your persecutors may not necessarily be Jews…..and just as likely the secret police…..and they have a whole arsenal of tricks to throw you off the scent.



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