Media Works is ISIS in New Zealand


Featured Image – Media Works logo – an occult XXX = siX siX siX. 666. From the Masonic M and upside down M/W. Fake news media porn for the fluoridated masses. 


Image – Media Works ‘comedian’ Guy Williams dressed up as a policeman at the recently staged Morrinsville ‘police shooting’ hoax. Note Heke was “36” – another hidden in plain site 666. 

Below are some videos that would seem to prove that foreign bank owned Media Works is in fact ISIS in New Zealand – helping to create and sell the entire war of/on terror/tera hoax to the fluoridated, TV addicted NZ public.

Most of them we have published before but just wanted that headline out there.

New Zealand is now unfortunately at a point where the same inbred ‘satanic’ foreign bankers that run our media, also run the Government and most large corporates. And they specialise in terrorizing us all and poisoning as many Kiwis as possible.

What’s that called again? Fascism? Or is it communism? Perhaps best described as fascism with the end goal of glow-ball communism. 100’s of years in the making, since the Rothschild family took over all Vatican wealth around 1838.

We are now all mind controlled by a small bunch of highly inbred demonic / psychotic drug addicts and serial child abusers.


Steven Joyce – set up Media Works before selling it to ‘Jewish’ banker Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital. Now running the entire Goldman Sachs owned fake corporate NZ Government. Who are plundering Aotearoa and her resources. 


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