Are the Freemasons a Global Child Abuse Cult? #FreeTheMasons


There is a growing amount of evidence that the Freemasons are involved in systemic child abuse. At the higher end at least.

They are clearly not there to share knowledge – all they have is astrology and Kabalah light for dumbed down  Goy – and non of that is even secret anymore. Its all on Youtube. So why the need for a secret little cult? And why are the curtains always pulled on their buildings? The police should be raiding them in our view. To look for missing kids.

They are using mind control techniques according to most of the evidence we have seen, to turn their members into demonic criminals. It seems that is how they get promoted up the ranks. It is doubtful they have even told their members that NASA is a hoax. They would get more knowledge from a few hours on line.

It was interesting the other day when people started posting our story about the murder cover up of Ashburton woman Cindy George and her three children. It was actually Freemasons who attacked the post on Facebook. We had theorised that the people involved were most likely in “some kind of new age church”, but some NZ Freemasons came out of nowhere and attacked the post. Perhaps it was actually Masons involved in that?

NZ’s Latest Masonic Murder Cover Up? Cindy George & Her 3 Children – Ashburton


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