Do the ‘Elites’ Drink ‘Virgin’ Blood to Stay Young?


Not sure we really recommend watching this stuff, but the fact is it would make sense….

Why are these freaks so keen on abortions? We now know they sell the baby body parts to make HEK293 fetus cells for high end make ups and ‘natural flavours’ in foods.

Why are they always kidnapping young kids from their families, even with no valid /lawful reason?

Parents fight to get parents back from NZ Family Court – Herald

Where does all of the blood we donate go?

Do these inbred satanic freaks pay to replace thier blood with ‘virgin’ blood/ kids blood to make themselves younger?

It is the ultimate parasitic act – harvesting the blood of children. It is the same pattern of psychology we see from the banking sector, corporations, real estate companies and corporate elites these days – total parasites, sucking the blood out of our communities, society and people without any remorse. Like reptiles.

Makes perfect sense if you ask us. These greedy psychopaths who have accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars want to stick around and enjoy the never ending investment returns. Their greed has no limits. And they are running our Government, Just Us system, large corporations and media as far as we can tell….not to mention the Family Court and Ministry for Vulnerable Children / CYFs. Its a private corporate Government after all…they are all ‘registered’, meaning corporate.



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