The Mark Lundy Case – Justin Davis


Featured Image – Mark Lundy at funeral.

The NZ media, police and justice system will not touch the Justin Davis Files – they have a code of silence on it. This is logically because the information is actually true and would spoil the entire show.  Namely that it is a private corporate apparatus they run, designed purely to protect the private corporate inbred elites, rich listers, their club members and corrupt agents.

Given the powers that be refuse to investigate or even acknowledge the accusations, lets publish them here instead. For public safety. These people are in our communities and remain protected by the very system we fund. They could be best described as the people you see the mainstream media reporting on, promoting and protecting each day.

Mark Jepson-Ben Vanderkolk-Philip Morgan-QC

Featured Image – the Crown/ Cronus/ Saturn/ Satan’s legal team. Mark Jepson, Ben Vanderkolk and Philip Morgan, QC. Highly paid to ignore evidence such as in the Justin Davis Files. If the Justin Davis files are correct, then these guys would appear to be employed by the Crown to help stop the truth from ever getting out – as with most of these cases – ie, that Lundy was framed by NZ’s inbred pedophile ring elite. 

Lundy a pedo. Check out the eyes on his late wife and child. The drugs they use cause eye enlargement. But he didn’t kill his wife and child. A business deal went sour he had with powerful pedo’s, they had his wife and child killed and him set up. One of the people who were involved in the murders was hawkes bay pedophile Peter Alan Charles Mason , born 1 may , 1964. Convicted kidnapper , investigated for child rape. And so after he was let off his teenage son Richard was investigated for raping a young girl.” – Justin Davis 

[NOTE – no information has ever been released on just who  Lundy had been borrowing money off, or who he owed it to. That information would point directly to the real killers, as well as NZ’s elite pedophile ring according to JD]

“Remember scott watson case, terressa Mccormick case. And even the kirsa jensen case they tried to setup somebody else for it”

Best way to get heat off you is provide suspect, ideally someone with dodgey background that fills the profile. It’s likely person convicted of terressa murder had nothing to do with it, although he has very dodgey background and belongs in jail, perfect person to setup for the crime.

Even the lundy murders for example

Did you watch the devils breath documentary on YouTube ? In 2013 when cops raided outlaw gang pad that what they missed. There most dangerous weapon.

Michael Burn is third generation pedo , and his son is 4th generation pedo. It could even go further back. He is key figure in Napier. He and his mates have been drugging and raping terressa sister. Mike also drugs his own daughter for other pedo’s. As well as he is the guy there that finds young girls or boys, cases houses , and breaks in at night with his pedo friends at film child rapes right in there home! For example if you wanted 6 year old with blue eyes , Michael would be the one in that area to arrange it

Garth Mc vicar on his Sensible Sentencing Trust website has list of sex offenders. Two famous ones in the bay are the purdo ( spelling ? ) brothers , Wayne and money , really sick people. Note they are not listed despite convictions, when I asked him (Gareth) about it I got run around. I think it was you that pointed out in one of your posts that in relation to UK pedo’s because it so big now they will have to offer a few people up to calm public. You can bet it won’t be there members but other sex offenders outside there network. That’s what happened to lundy when his business venture went south with one of there group from hawkes bay. He was then outside there group. And boy did they do a number on him

[Q] How sure are you about Garth McVicor? You think he is involved? Thats a big call”

You note I mentioned the pedo here use devils breath. Sadly it’s very real, and there good reason why it’s called the world most evil drug. There was a bent custom official in wellington helping them get it in. Mugsway or something like that. In 2013 raid on outlaws pad in Napier, that’s what they missed. Police don’t know what it looks like”

– Justin Davis 

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