Is Annette King a Heroin Trafficker?


Featured Image – Annette King. Alleged to be a heroin trafficker. 

Should probably do a transvestigation on this one at some stage. Looks very much like a man in our humble opinion. And check out that nose!

Oddly enough Annette King claims to have once been married to a transgender man. Cryptic

Anyway – back on track.

Annette King is an alleged heroin dealer, according to exiled NZ author Greg Hallett.

“….So she’s a prostitute lesbian paedophile . . . and then in order for New Zealand to join NATO, she had to traffic 10 kilograms of NATO’s heroin which she did, through the Minister of Justice, Annette King, who gave it to the Police, and then Annette King became the Minister of Police.” – Greg Hallett

Meth is the new heroin these days of course. We are unsure how many of the heroin traffickers of Peter Williams QC’s Mr Asia gang are now trafficking the meth in NZ, but if they used to be ‘in the game’ and never got caught, one would presume they still are.

Perhaps worse than this is the fact Annette King is now in charge of the Auckland water supply, thanks to fellow big noser & Chinese Communist Party agent, Phil Goff.  Sodium Fluoride will be added of course, which is essentially mass murdering Aucklanders, very slowly. Plus some 1080 to be dropped around the Auckland water catchment area for good measure. 

The Nazis were said to have first added sodium fluoride to the water supplies of concentration camps. But didn’t we win the war?? What is the difference between a Nazi concentration camp water supply manger and Annette King?

Kiwis are being slowly murdered by this gang, while calling it democracy.

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