Are the ‘Elites’ Drinking ‘Virgin’ Blood to Reverse the Aging Process?


Featured Image – Peter Thiel – a Jewish/ German billionaire  from Paypal and Facebook fame, fled to NZ after the Facebook IPO scam. Now living in New Zealand. Interested in parabiosis, which includes the practice of getting transfusions of blood from a younger person, as a means of improving health and potentially reversing aging.


Here is a quote from Stuff newspeak last week…..

“But as scientists work to unlock the mysteries of why some 80-year-olds live in nursing homes while others play tennis every week, US researchers with the University of Miami’s Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute said they found the beginnings of what may be the first therapeutic treatment for frailty, a common condition of aging that can lead to falls and other adverse events.”

“An early stage clinical trial conducted in Miami found that elderly patients breathed easier and walked further after receiving a single infusion of stem cells from young and healthy donors, “

If the ‘Jewish’ and foreign bank owned media are advertising the use of stem cells from “young healthy donors” to help cure illnesses, what do you think the actual inbred / demonic elites who own the media as well as the stem cell companies are into? And how long have they been at it?

We were warned of this sort of stuff many years ago, it would be stupid to think the ruling inbred elites are not now fully engaged in such practices and quite far down the track.

Why do you think the NZ Government as well as other governments are so keen to push the abortion agenda? While they simultaneously traffic the meth into NZ and allow cheap alcopops to be sold on every second suburban street corner. They don’t want to solve the problem of unwanted pregnancies, they actively encourage it. They now even teach sex to young children in the schools.

The new fake corporate/ Rothschild PM, Jacinda Ardern is now also pushing the abortion agenda. These impostors all follow the same globalist script, regardless of whether they pose as left or right. They all work for the ruling Transylvanian blood line.

What do you think happens to all of the aborted fetuses?

The abortion agencies in the USA have already been exposed for selling baby body parts to medical research companies.

“Planned Parenthood caught harvesting and selling fetus body parts”

This is the cold reality of the abortion industry and why these monsters are pushing so hard for it.

New Zealand Government funded “Family Planning” are affiliated with Planned Parenthood and run over 30 clinics in New Zealand and are pushing for the decriminalization of abortion in NZ.

If they haven’t spoken out about their US affiliate selling body parts, is it reasonable to suspect that they are in the same business?

Another very obvious but never asked question – what actually happens to all of the blood that New Zealanders are donating?

New Zealand Blood Services is a privately owned company listed on the companies office website and they run all of the blood donating programs here.

They claim to ‘process’ over 147,000 blood donations every year. Presumably they still run their program in our schools. Where the so called ‘virgin blood’ can be found.

They also state that they audit themselves. ie) No external oversight. See above link, at bottom of their page.

How can we be sure of what happens to all of that blood? Not least given the huge amount of money involved in the medical blood industry.

Could it be possible that New Zealand aborted baby fetuses and so called ‘virgin blood’ are being harvested and sold overseas, most likely to the ‘elites’ and their medical research companies? And they now appear to be marketing the same youth / age regenerating medical technologies to the demonic wanna be elites on the ladder underneath them.

The ultimate in parasitic / vampiristic behavior.

Others around the web are starting to hypothesis that many of these so called ‘elites’, politicians and even most media personalities are in fact ‘undead’ vampires who are hundreds of years old, but feed on dead baby parts and ‘virgin blood’ so as to reverse the aging process, then give themselves new fake names and identifications, with all of their wealth waiting for them in secret trust funds. See videos below.

Media Whores is attempting to contact Hellmann Logistics Auckland to see if they are aware of any such International trade in blood and baby body parts…


Rest assured you will know when you have met one of these undead vampire freaks – cold eyes that see straight through you, usually very calm and extremely calculating, like lizards, an unnatural fear of sunlight, some say they even smell like sulfur but that is easily disguised. A confused or weird family background, usually with ties to Eastern Europe somewhere. And lots of money that just seems to come from nowhere. Many even claim to be holocaust survivors some are saying, but they lie. They will usually also have very secretive private lives and odd schedules. Sometimes appear incredibly tense, and then oddly calm, like they have just taken a fix of something. Also those black rimmed fake reading glasses to hide the eyes. They are also perfectionists, planning everything to the extreme. Hiding behind secret trust funds, and often owning many businesses, usually ones that will give them access to the public, and their children. You need to be VERY careful if you are working for one of these people. They could quite literally be the undead vampires of ‘mythology’, hundreds of years old and feeding on the blood of local children to stay young.

We also know that many overseas companies are using aborted baby fetus proteins in some artificial flavours and even natural flavorings in the processed foods. The so called HEK293 proteins. NZ food companies are not required to disclose what goes in these so called ‘natural’ flavours’. Why do you think that is?

Here is one example, the new “Smooshed” product from a company called “Tasti”. They refer to this product as “whole food” but you can find “natural flavours” on their ingredient list. What are these natural flavours? What are they made of? Why won’t any of these companies disclose this? Why would you need to add “natural flavours” to a product that contains only natural ingredients to begin with? Same with the Phoenix juice range – why would you need to add “natural flavours” to organic juices? These ‘natural flavours’ are going into most of the processed foods these days, even craft beers. And why is it that some companies just seem to magically become successful overnight, while others never do? Could they all be related in some way? A blood bond if you will.


Image – Tasti Smooshed products. Why don’t you disclose what is in the natural flavours lads? Surely you have nothing to hide? 

As a legal disclaimer – we have not said any of the above are using products derived from aborted baby fetuses, but many companies overseas are. And why the secrecy? These are reasonable questions, not least for public safety.

What is the effect on the human organism of eating these so called ‘Natural Flavours’, not least if they do contain the HEK293 fetus proteins? Doesn’t that technically make those people vampires also? Do they then start to crave the dead baby proteins? Does it make them feel younger and healthier so that they keep coming back for more?

Wakey wakey folks.

We are now living in the twilight zone, as these inbred demonic freaks become addicted to their quest for everlasting life and the fountain of youth, by the most evil means.

[Legal – we have not said that Peter Thiel is drinking blood, or is even an elite. Although he does seem to think so. If he would like to argue about our mix of words in court, just get in touch. Many Kiwis would like to learn more about the wealthy foreigners who have sneaked into NZ in recent years under the John Key regime and will continue to do so under Ja-cinder Ardern no doubt also. Likewise for those using ‘natural’ flavours in their foods – a court case would be the best way to get the cards on the table]. 


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  1. I will have to try track down the info again as it has been lost with my spare computer drive back up, but the same doctor who has the license for the Lyndhurst hospital (abortion clinic) in CrimeChurch since 2000 is Dr Michael Laney which is now in the main public hospital also is involved in ChrimeChurchs first IVF clinic! My father told me about what he perceived what reason they have abortion clinics for is to harvest ambrosia for the pedo elite in NZ, so rather than dismissing this I did a bit of digging and those involved in planned parenting and fertility clinics are deep into each others pockets! Just start by doing a wiki search for Lyndhurst hospital and start scratching the scab!

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