New Zealand Police Encouraged to Take More Anti Depressants – the Final Revolution


Imagine working for an organization that you begin to learn is in fact the biggest pedophile ring in the Nation (ie, the NZ Government), who is also shipping in the meth and covering up their own child abuse rings, state murders and other crimes, but you are actually paid to try and fight those same things, and you are also locked in via a pension scheme that you will most likely lose if you dare speak out and actually do your job. While you watch those of your coworkers who become corrupt and help cover up the pedophilia and associated murders and also help run the meth to the gangs for distribution, all get promoted up the Masonic ranks……

It would make any sane man/woman a bit depressed wouldn’t it.

Well not to worry, because the Goldman Sachs owned New Zealand Government has just declared it is OK for police to just go on drugs. So called anti depressants – which are just pharmaceutical grade heroin, laced with sodium fluoride to kill your brain and slowly kill you also. Anti depressants are also laced with small amounts of Viagra type drugs, which would explain all of the recent cases of cops sexually harassing the public.

You will be ‘happy’ all right. You will also start to fall apart over the longer term, physically and emotionally, and are setting yourself up for a very short life. A ‘happy’ short life.

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets.” – Justin Davis 

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