Weinstein & the Hollywood Child Grooming Networks – Ben Affleck & Matt Damon


Featured Image – Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Afflicted Demons anybody? The ruling pedophile inbreds make these names up. That is the Key to appearing Ardent. 


Some more interesting information on the ‘elite’ pedophile grooming rings that oil the wheels of Jewish controlled Hollywood.

How most of these big names come from military intelligence families, groomed as kids, usually with Mossad ties and Jewish family links.

They make up names for themselves and pretend to come from nowhere. Just like our Prime Ministers and many of our rich listers and other public people. Almost always inbred and from CIA/ Mossad/ Mk Ultra child sex grooming rings.

Pedophilia is the real currency and the glue that binds them.

This is a military intelligence operation on an industrial scale. Almost everything you see on your TV’s.

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