Are the Jews Torturing Brendon O’Connell in a New Zealand Jail?


Australian man Brendon O’Connell who blew the lid off Operation Talpiot and exposed the Jewish State’s “kill switches” in most major Western infrastructure, has been held in a NZ jail since October 11th.

Apparently nobody has heard from him since.

When did the NZ authorities start detaining so called ‘refugees’ (in fact just Australians) at the border and holding them without trial or even giving them the chance to issue a statement or speak to anyone, for up to 20 days?

Well – ever since our Government was taken over by Zionist Jewish terrorists and associated infiltrators of course. Something we have certainly well covered. Just think meth trafficking, record child abuse, housing crisis and on and on – there are no rules anymore under the New Jew World Order of global corporate government.

It is a boot stamping on a human face for eternity – welcome to the future.

The Jews will have their agents right throughout the prison system here in NZ, so let’s hope they are not torturing the poor man. Or something worse, like trying to replace him.

One thing is for sure – these globalist terrorists and fascists know no bounds.

They desperately don’t want his Australian High Court case to go ahead – which will expose Jewish infiltration of Aussie and the West….

Media Whores spoke with “Ash Chand” a duty manger at Mt Eden Prison today who refused to provide any information

Let’s hope it isn’t this clown from Facebook, an Ash Chand from Auckland – because he looks like just the type of twerp the Israelis could easily ‘manage’……


Ash Chand – Auckland



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