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Featured Image – Gerald Hope and Scott Watson. Gerald Hope was promoted to local (masonic) mayor shortly after Scott Watson was successfully framed for the murders of Oliver Hope and Ben Smart. Gerald Hope has gone on to enjoy wealth and near celebrity status among the mainstream media. Scott Watson continues to languish in the Communist NZ Gulag System, which is where the NZ ‘elites’ put most of their biggest threats and enemies. 

Come to think of it, those names are very suspect aren’t they? Hope and Smart.


Justin Davis had quite a bit to say about the Scott Watson cover up.

Below are his quotes. The full transcript is available here as a PDF.

One wonders if the new Justice Minister Andrew Little will be opening an investigation into Justin Davis’ claims, or if he will choose to be complicit in their cover up instead like his predecessors? ie) Will Andrew Little choose to be complicit in the cover up of industrial scale child abuse in New Zealand? We would be willing to bet on it.

Also interesting to note that Justin Davis’ claims are removed from the Free Scott Watson Facebook page whenever they are added – presumably someone in the masonic ‘club’ is running that page also. The first thing you do to run a successful cover up is start a Facebook page that you can monitor and control.

Given the lamestream media and so called authorities have refused to open an investigation into these claims, we repeat them here in the interests of public safety……

“Remember scott watson case, terressa Mccormick case. And even the kirsa jensen case they tried to setup somebody else for it

William Forster , wellington millionaire and pedophile. Friend of L. Ross Jackson who I have mentioned before. He one of the pedo’s involved in ben smart oliva hope murders. There a photo of the real boat in his house. I was there confronting him on other matter when I clicked with the photo. He confirmed it right before I was drugged

Here a few murders with connections to nz pedo network – very likely to be more, but these are the ones I know about – kirsa jensen, mona blade, terressa Mccormick, lundy wife and daughter, scott guy, scott guy cousin in aussie, Greg king welly lawyer, Ben hope and Oliva smart, sister boyfriend, daughter boyfriend, Hopewell brothers in Auckland, 2 degrees founder, founder of palms medical centre in Palmy, Jean – o in Hastings , old Asian couple in Napier motel, Napier gunman, that’s just off top of my head. There probably a couple more I missed”

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?”

Also interesting to see at least 2 of the above names pop up on New Zealand Chess competition websites – surrounded by children who are flown to them from all over the Nation each year.


Dan Dolejs at New Zealand Chess championships – surrounded by young kids. Mostly immigrant children. 



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