Gangs of Violent “Degenerate” Communists Try to Start Riot Outside NZ Parliament…


Featured Image – angry mob of violent communists  use threats and intimidation to “chase” away 10 peaceful old guys holding a protest outside parliament. The fascist / communist liberals no longer believe in the rights of others, they believe in abortion, illegal wars and genocide for Israel, while posing as anti racism. 


Around 10 old Kiwi men attempted to peacefully climb the steps of parliament on the weekend to protest what they see as the theft of their Nation by the Jewish / capitalist / globalist bankers.

They were set upon by large gangs of ‘liberal’ abortion supporters, communists, LGBT fighters, and the usual Jewish supremacists and provocateurs.

A fine demonstration of the mind control the demonic left and new age liberals are now under.

The Jewish supremacist provocateurs would have organised for this violent mob to come down and confront these old man.

Anybody would think the Jews were staging 911 again – check out the numbers. All there to confront 10 old guys with a flag?

Looks a bit like the Jewish led invasion of Syria.

These demented leftist brainwash victims suffer from a stupidity that one could argue is not human. They have never figured out that 911 was a Jewish run false flag, or that we have now helped murder around 3 million people across the Middle East for the Israeli State.  Then they have the nerve to get up and chant about “racism”. They are too thick to figure out that Rothschild counterfeit money controls both sides of their Government and funds all war.

They are so thick it defies belief.

They yell and scream for increasing the refugee quota but remain silent on the fact that if the West simply stopped bombing other people’s Nations and killing their children on behalf of Rothschild and his Israeli State,  there would be no refugee crisis. How evil is that? They don’t mind bombing and mass murdering children – they just want more refugees?

One of the ring leaders Marama Davidson was recently sponsored in a trip to Gaza to protest Israeli/ Jewish ethnic cleansing, but is presumably to thick to figure out it was Rothschild money that paid for her to attend.

They are also very dangerous – they want to legalise abortion so they can mass murder unborn children in NZ, and if not kept in check these lunatic communist left, a creation of Jewish Kabbalah mind control, would probably try to genocide not just all white people (whom they have been taught to hate with a vengeance), but basically all straight people also.

They are clinically insane in our opinion and a dangerous violent cult….these are the people who think killing unborn babies in the womb is “liberating” for women.

Perhaps the most dangerous thing about this violent mob – is that they do not know they are under Kabbalistic MK Ultra mind control.

Interesting though – one of the screaming communists – Gayaal Iddamalgoda – uses a monarch butterfly as his emblem on Twitter, the Monarch being the symbol for MK Ultra Mind Control. Although we can’t speak for Gayaal, the videos below show how most MK Ultra mind control victims are seriously abused as children, and then go on to team up with their abusers….Perhaps he needs our sympathy and help more than anything?

Gayaal Iddamalgoda-mk-ultra-mind-control

The Rothschild sponsored communists have already turned NZ into a third World Nation, with the highest child abuse, meth addiction and suicide rates on the planet. This has been achieved over 30+ years using both right and left Rothschild puppets, but these mind controlled anti free speech freaks want even more.

“Around six protesters members reportedly made their way to Parliament in pairs, while a further 10 waited at Wellington’s railway station nearby”

“A further 10” – OMG! That is actually 16 in total. Luckily the 100 communists stopped them before it got out of hand.

Great to see some saner minds on Twitter however – click to enlarge…


Image Marama Davidson from Twitter – Stop Fascism – by ganging up and using intimidation and threats of violence to stop freedom of speech and chasing 16 old white guys down the street. You will also notice how well funded these commies are. The Rothschild shadow government which funds both left and right (division for the masonic bankers) will be chucking huge dollars at them. 

Golriz Ghahraman – the new Rothschild sponsored corporate Green MP can also be seen in that photo. One wonders if she also supports sodium fluoride in the water and promotes abortion as being ‘liberal’? She might also be interested in the MK Ultra Monarch video below.

The Rothschilds sponsor all of these idiots – classic old divide and rule. It is the only way they can keep the focus off Jewish racial supremacy and never ending war for Israel – with never ending Rothschild banking profits and associated child abuse, year after year.

There is only one mafia at play in today’s world and that is the Rothschild globalist banking and associated globalist corporate mafia. Everything else you see is just Rothschild funded divide and rule – to hide Jewish racial supremacy.

(Edit – “the racist / anti-White mob were tricked into a fake victory as we postponed Flag Day until 6pm”)

Media Whores is not associated with any of the groups we write about – we simply support freedom of speech for all – except Satanists, pedophiles…. and abortion activists.

Gayaal Iddamalgoda – Mk Ultra Monarch

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One thought on “Gangs of Violent “Degenerate” Communists Try to Start Riot Outside NZ Parliament…”

  1. ANTIFA, mushrooms kept in the dark and feeds on shyite. Notice how they have mobilised the night of the election with the vandalism outside the property in Auckland and now this display. Over the weekend I purchased the loudest megaphone on Trade Me and await in earnest for an ANTIFA demonstration in Crimechurch. Like the Hashishans did in times gone by, my demonstration will be planned with military precision by subversive infiltration, then when protected by half a dozen fit healthy young men providing a “safe space” I’ll create mayhem and play these snowflakes off with their own game!

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