New Zealand ‘Government’ Refusing to Speak on Australian Political Prisoner Brendon O’Connell


(Watch as the treasonous New Zealand GCSB Stasi and/or their spy partners in Israel rewind the views on this article every few minutes – the revolution will not be live streamed)


Nazism and Zionism – two sides of the same Jewish / Rothschild owned monetary system. And child sex trafficking seems to be the currency they prefer – followed closely by meth and heroin.

Media Whores has learned that people trying to get information on the Australian Political Prisoner Brendon O’Connell – who was kidnapped by authorities at Auckland Airport on October 11th – are being stone walled.

Are the Jewish / Zionist mafia just going to start disappearing those who speak out against them? Much like they did in the Bolshevik takeover and invasion of Russia?

There isn’t really a NZ Government at all at present. The coalition deal was said to have been made last week, but it seems most Ministers are still not available and no one even seems to know what their contact details are, they reportedly haven’t even set up their new email accounts. This is no doubt all by design. It makes it easier to cover up their crime, incompetence and child sex trafficking rings.

What you get instead is an army of Rothschild corporate whore “media communications people”. Mindless graduates from the Rothschild owned University / industrial masonic brainwashing centers who are basically paid large sums of tax payer money to spout off privacy laws and avoid providing any information. And they are committing the crime of treason some might well argue.

Brendon O’Connell is not a New Zealand citizen and therefore NZ privacy laws do not apply to him.

Principle 11 of the NZ privacy Act also makes it clear that if anyone’s life is in danger, the privacy laws should be waived.

O’Connell was bashed over the head on his first day in the Australian prison system, almost killing him and breaking his arm in the process. He claims this was organized by the same Jewish / masonic mafia that arranged for him to be put in prison for 3 years in Perth for “insulting” a Jewish street worker named Stanley Elliot Keyser, after he caught Keyser perving at him with his camera on the streets.

This is the same Jewish/ Zionist mafia that has infiltrated the NZ Government and therefore no doubt the prison system. We have previously detailed how they are running the meth industry in New Zealand, which flooded in under the John Key / Zionist / Goldman Sachs regime some years back, having been carefully harvested under the watch of top masonic NZ police and the Helen Clark regime before that. Its all the same globalist gang. Free trade agreements and meth for the West. With all of the child abuse and crime that goes with it. The Justin Davis Files expose the full extent of this gangs organised child sex abuse rings also. It is essentially a big global corporate child sex trafficking ring that they run, fueled by meth and heroin. And the mindless corporate whores are all apparently queuing up for a slice of the action.

It is fair to say Brendon O’Connell’s life is in danger in the NZ jails.

Not least when no one will even comment on which jail he is in, or his lawyer’s name etc.

Being held in a small cramped remand prison cell for 20+ days without a hearing is also a form of torture. The Jewish/ Rothschild controlled private corporate NZ Government are now officially torturing those who expose them.

A few videos have surfaced on Youtube, which we post below, but Media Whores would add that we have never seen these people before and cannot verify anything they are saying. It is all so called hearsay, or second hand information. Apparently people have tried to contact the lawyers mentioned in the videos but they either don’t exist or do not answer.

This will be a first for the Jewish / Zionist mafia controlled NZ Government as far as we are aware – kidnapping an Australian political activist at the border and detaining him without comment, trial or charge.

They have simply released a highly defamatory article in Stuff newspaper – written by a Jew of course – and then built a wall of silence around the case.

For all we know O’Connell is already dead, or is being tortured or replaced as we speak in the NZ Jewish / Zionist Gulag jail system.

Below are some of the videos that have been surfacing, but first lets look at the ‘professional’ / private corporate whore media ‘communications’ people that seem to be being paid to help cover up this NZ Government kidnapping and disappearance of an Australian Political activist. These idiots all graduate from Uni and are then no doubt quite excited to get their high powered and well paid jobs in the Jewish / Goldman Sachs owned and controlled private corporate NZ Government and are probably far to thick to realise that they are now arguably complicit in International Jewish mafia crime, kidnapping and torture of political prisoners, if not their murder cover ups.

These people need to be arrested and put on trial for the above crimes if O’Connell does not surface soon without harm and all of his rights intact.

Government media spokespeople and communications advisors appear to be the new Nazi Fourth Reich Secret Service officers – managing all of the Jewish mafia crime for the NZ Government. Some would argue they need to be rounded up and put in labour camps to await trial while democracy is restored to NZ. All of their ill-gotten gains would need to be seized also, under the proceeds of crime. It is tax payer funding that pays them after all.

The NZ MP’s are now so compromised, corrupt and useless, that the Jewish / Zionist mafia apparently needs to prop them all up with an army of corrupt corporate spokespeople just to keep all their crime covered up. And funded by us of course.

The media spokespeople that have been contacted are below. These people are arguably complicit in the cover up of the kidnapping and unlawful detainment of Australian political activists, and will be complicit also if anything is to happen to O’Connell while he is being unlawfully detained in NZ’s new Jewish/ Zionist prison gulag system…..They are International political criminals if involved and it could also be argued are guilty of the high crime of Treason in NZ if it were found they were subverting our democracy while working for tax payer funded office….Treason being punishable by 13 years in jail.

Lucy Townend

Lucy Townend | Communications Adviser |

National Office | Department of Corrections Ara Poutama Aotearoa |

44-52 The Terrace, Wellington 6011 | Private Box 1206, Wellington 6140 |

Phone: 04 460 3365 | Email: |


Lucy Townend on Facebook. Seems these corporate/ Fourth Reich officers try to hide their photos on line. Perhaps they know they are involved in Jewish/ Zionist mafia crime? As in the Nuremberg trials, this would mean maximum sentences for them. You can see one of her friends is the Zionist / Jewish eco terrorist Nathan Guy who drops 1080 poison over the regions. Low life birds of a feather….

Lucy was apparently the only one of three Department of Corrections corporate whores who would actually give her last name, and only after an argument about it. They apparently prefer to operate in secrecy, despite being tax payer funded, and much like the East German Stasi some would argue.


Lucy Townend in happier days – before she unwittingly went on to become an officer for the global Zionist mafia – or the new corporate globalist Fourth Reich. Presumably these people would do anything for money? Helping to disappear political prisoners from our close friends and neighbor, Australian. Hitler would be proud of them. These days of course, they dress as ‘liberals’ to avoid detection.

The new Secret Service Corporate Fourth Reich Whores seem to think they can be paid by tax payers and hold a public position and NOT even provide their last names. Perhaps the following two Zionist ‘agents’ actually know the sorts of crime they are involved in and thus try to hide their names? The journalist who sent us this information had to phone around to get their names, they refused to provide them – or at least carefully pronounce and repeat them. Again, Hitler would be proud of them. The new Corporate Fourth Reich SS/ secret service, in NZ…..


Gordon Irving – Facebook. Refused to repeat his last name then just hang up on the caller. Funded by NZ tax payers but operating like some kind of Fourth Reich / Nazi officer in our opinion. Here he is on Linked in – Gordon Irving – a “communications specialist” who refuses to spell his last name for the tax payers he works for. They don’t look quite like what Rothschild controlled Hitler had in mind do they – but we are in a ‘new age’ after all. These people are ‘liberals’. The crimes seem to be the same however, the disappearance of political dissidents inside gulag type prison systems, probably in breach of International laws as well.

[Legal disclaimer – Media Whores has been informed that the journalist did not speak to Rebekah Palmer below – she is another Rebekah who works in the same building and was the only Rebekah whose name came up on staff records. This is the problems when so called public servants refuse to provide their full names upon request and is clearly a staff training issue for the NZ Government. You put your own staff at risk of being implicated when your staff refuse to identify themselves upon request. Please also note that we have retract any suggestion that these people are literally working for the East German Stasi or the Corporate Fourth Reich, but we maintain that they might as well be]. 

And then this one – Rebekah Palmer – also refused to provide her last name. Perhaps she knows she is engaged in International criminal behaviour, kidnapping and possibly even the torture of political prisoners? She is careful not to show her picture. Is it not a form of torture to be held in a remand prison for 20+ days without charge? Or being allowed to speak? These are NZ’s new corporate “SS”/ secret service officers and they could be complicit in breaking International laws on behalf of the Goldman Sachs/ Zionist/ Rothschild Satan worshippers they work for…..

Principal Advisor at Department of Corrections- NZ

Department of Corrections- NZ

Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand

And here is New Zealand’s new Minister of Corrections – Kelvin Davis – looks like a mugshot for a local street pimp if you ask us. He also took a very long walk for “child abuse” shortly after it was revealed that 5 sitting NZ MP’s had name suppression for child abuse crimes, but we are unsure if that is related….Davis has not responded and seems to be instead hiding behind the army of tax payer funded Fourth Reich Secret Service comms advisors…..this is the new system of Goldman Sachs/ Jewish Zionist Government it seems, no one is actually accountable….


God Help Us.

Is it any wonder children are being kidnapped by the Rothschild / Goldman Sachs owned NZ Government child sex trafficking rings these days in record numbers? No comment sorry, “because of the privacy laws”, please refer to our ‘media advisors’.

And lets all hope Brendon O’Connell is at least safe while these corporate fraudsters organise their cover up operation….

First – one URGENT MESSAGE on the Jewish/ Zionist Rothschild child sex trafficking rings in New Zealand – supported by the army of corporate whores and MP’s they employ to cover up their organized crime for them…..






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  1. Reply
    Skeptikc says:

    This is the background behind the consumption of children!

    For 3000 years, the Jews have sought the enslavement of all the non-Jewish peoples of the world: easily verifiable by too many of their demonic Talmudic verses, and enhanced by their Kol Nidre prayer, which together, demonstrate the intent of their ancient desire rather clearly. These are the historical blood rituals that they have performed across the ages, to hasten the desired enslavement of the world:

    I paraphrase from “Blood Passover”: “In the 11th century, non-elites were banned from practicing the blood sacrifice to reduce the danger to the community from expulsion. Henceforth there would be a drawing of the lots in Narbonne, France, giving only a few communities in Europe, the right to enact the blood sacrifice, and they would only be from the elite or rabbis that were allowed to practice it.” Thus, non-elite Jews that are not rabbis, would have no knowledge about this dark history, as it was kept fairly well hidden since the 11th century, from the rest of the diaspora.

    Further research on this extensively documented topic of Jewish Ritual Murder from across the centuries:

    Video: Child Ritual Murder Revisited

    Video: Oprah Winfrey interviews Jewish female survivor of demonic Sabbatean-Frankist sect of Judaism:

    Online Reading:

    Notes About Ritual Murders- Vladimir Ivanovich Dal:


    ebook: Blood Passover: The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murder- Ariel Toaff

    The Talmud instructs Jews in several writings, that gentiles have been placed on earth by their god to serve Jews as slaves. Is this the mindset that allows Jews to torture, mutilate and slay a gentile child to obtain his blood for use in the passover bread (matzah)? Is this the reason for Jewish ritual murder? The 1500-year history of Jewish child ritual murders speak for themselves, plus the expulsions from 109 nations, in spite of the protest of the Jews over the centuries to try to keep the macabre practise hidden so they can continue to get Christian blood in their passover matzah every year. Do Jews consider their victims simply cattle for the slaughter?

    From, Satanic Verses of the Talmud:

    * “The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

    * “If you eat with a ‘goy’ it is the same as eating with a dog.” (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

    * “Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)

    * “Sexual intercourse between the ‘goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)

    More on the Talmud:

    Hard Copy writings:

    book: My Irrelevant Defence Meditations inside gaol and out on Jewish Ritual Murder- Dr. Arnold Leese

    cd: Jewish Ritual Murder: An Historical Investigation- Dr. Helmutt Schramm German translated to English by R. Belser

    book: Debacle in Demascus- The 1840 Ritual Murder Case of Father Thomas- Dr. Harold Rome

    book: Judaism’s Strange God- Michael A. Hoffman II

    Newspaper- The truth at Last- documents Oprah Winfrey interview of SRA victim Vicki Pollin- Dr. Ed Fields reproduced old version of Der Sturmer newspapers writings on JRM- Dr. James Warner

    book: The Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich- Thomas of Monmouth- Latin translated to English by Dr. A. Jessop New York State Journal of Medicine 1 Nov, 1971: Strange Murder of William of Norwich 1144- Dr. William Sharp

    book: The Matzo of Zion: Dr. Moustafa Tlass

    book: Blood Ritual- Dr. Philip De Vier video: Human Sacrifice from the fanatical Hassidic Jews from the ancient times to the present

    book: The murder of Andrei Youshchinski by former Duma member and attorney, G.G. Zamislovski

    book: Searching for the Jews who murder gentile babies: How these Jews use the babies’ blood- Dr. Vladimir Dal

    book: Revelations of the Jewish Rites Before God and the World- Michael the Neophyte- Christian convert was ex-grand rabbi of Lithuania- (MS. dated 1716; first reproduced in Pikoulski’s Zlosc Zydowska, ‘Jewish Wickedness,’ Lvov, 1760)

    book: 18 pages in Chapter 6, “Jews and Ritual Murder” of Eustace Mullins’ “Mullins’ New History of the Jews” (1968)

  2. So when are people going to organize and overthrow this regime?,wtf are we waiting for?, the time for passive revolt has long since passed and everyday this corrupt regime ships in new voters to have your children’s jobs handed to them on a platter. Every mental midget and his dog has been divided up and pit against each other on the most trivial issues known to man, it is time for the people to surround police stations and government institutions, everyday your ability to organize and achieve this is eroded further. the first target for siege MUST BE tvnz and mediaworks.
    I know I am not the only one absolutely sick to my stomach of this insidious evil infecting these islands.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      agreed. it is close. those who are most organized do not have a large online presence. but they are all ready to go. it will be a new United Tribes Sovereign govt – the paper work is all done, the queen etc have been notified. unsure when, but will not be long 🙂

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