United Tribes Sovereigns – How to Boycott the Corrupt Rothschild Crown Corporate Government


United Tribes Sovereigns – How to Boycott the Corrupt Rothschild Crown Corporate Government

Your legal name as it appears on your Birth Certificate is a slave bond contract.

The Crown owns that legal name, it was stolen from you at birth in the hospital ward. And the Crown is now run by meth trafficking Zionist corporate pedophiles, if it hasn’t always been. Their entire corporate system is now riddled with child abusers and greedy MK Ultra psychopaths, mostly working in government, mainstream media, real estate, medicine and the legal profession – and they always want that full legal name off you. They all serve the same inbred psychotic corporate masters.

Every time you use that full legal name, or first name and surname, you are breaching Crown copyright and the Zionist controlled Rothschild Government can do as they please with you, including lock you up and even take your children off you.

NEVER sign your full legal name to Crown Government documents, nor provide it to them orally, not to their private corporate police force, not to the corrupt Masonic judges in the courts.

Only use an alias, your first name, or middle name. Surname = surcharge = surety = servitude = servant = slavery. It is your family / tribe name, not your surname.

Always use this alias when dealing with the fake corporate / Rothschild impostors who pose as Government authority, and state that you are the sole administrator of that legal name, but NOT that person. Person is a legal word meaning dead corporation. You are the living man. Flesh and blood.

If forced to use or sign your full legal name, always put “V.C” after it, or the words Under Duress, which renders the contract unenforceable. DO NOT contract with known pedophiles!

The remaining good / honest people in the system will respect this action as long as you do it in confidence and in good manor.

All this impostor Jewish banker run system does is maritime contract law and if you refuse to contract with them using a legal name, they have no authority over you.

We are all “tangata whenua”, sovereign human beings on and of the land. We are sovereign and beyond the Crown’s private corporate laws and ‘legal system’ under the Treaty of Waitangi – and above that we are all sovereign human beings, born free with inalienable rights by birth, under the Creator, whomever you choose to refer to the Creator as.

You may choose to use your common law name and operate in the private, under common law. Doing so becomes more important by the day as the private corporate Rothschild / Zionist snake consumes more and more of our values,  principles and way of life in NZ…..

Below are some tips on how to do so.



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