New Zealand Government Stonewalling all Inquiries re Brendon O’Connell


Featured Image – Australian political prisoner Brendon O’Connell – disappeared within the Rothschild owned / private corporate NZ gulag prison system – due to new political ‘hate speech’ laws. It is now illegal to ‘hate’ global political fascism.

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The NZ Government are now making threats to those inquiring after Brendon O’Connell.

The Department of Corrections are threatening legal action to those who are seeking information.

One journalist has referred to them as “The East German Stasi” for refusing to disclose their last names and has been threatened with both police and legal “action”.

This is the same organization that has been exposed for allowing fight clubs to operate in their jails, and has overseen numerous suspicious deaths of prisoners within their private corporate Rothschild controlled prison system. They are even now locking up children & teenagers in cells for the night.

A growing corporate police state is not the solution – better government is.

New Zealand is starting to resemble Soviet Russia and/or the Wiemar Republic under this private corporate Rothschild banker owned system of corrupt Government.

They have essentially kidnapped Brendon O’Connell at the Auckland International Airport and have now held him for over 20 days without a hearing. We do not even know if he has spoken to a lawyer or if he has been afforded his rights.

The Rothschild / Goldman Sachs owned and run NZ Government are quoting “privacy laws” in their attempts to cover up the kidnapping and disappearance of Brendon, and yet they have already leaked his private information to Jewish controlled Stuff newspaper…..

Who in the NZ Government leaked this information to the Jewish reporter at Stuff newspaper?

And why is it OK to leak O’Connell’s private information to that news source, then decide to stonewall all other inquiries while quoting privacy laws?

It is now PUBLIC information that the NZ Govt have arrested and detained O’Connell – due to their own leak to hand picked media – and yet now they are claiming its all down to privacy laws?

We are witnessing an organized Government and media cover up operation take place in NZ. Collusion is the word.

The above Stuff article is a Rothschild Government organized hit job. It starts by defaming O’Connell in calling him a “racist”. O’Connell has made it very clear that he is exposing “a criminal conspiracy” by a mostly Jewish global mafia. The fact that most of the key players are Jewish is of no consequence, the fact that thy are engaged in International mafia crime is. They have been careful to omit the fact that O’Connell has recently fled to both Iran and Malaysia to seek political asylum from the criminal Rothschild Australian Government and their corrupt Masonic legal system – as this wouldn’t go well with their claims he is a racist. He is also a staunchly outspoken critic of Israeli ethnic cleansing across the Middle East and beyond. They have also claimed in another Rothschild controlled paper that the original incident that landed O’Connell in jail for 3 years was over “Israeli oranges” – actually it was over Palestinian oranges that the Jews had stolen by putting their labels on them, in doing so deceiving the Australian public. They also use the word “attack” when anyone who watches the actual video can see that O’Connell was being spied on by two Jewish street walkers in the first instance and then pursued the two men to ask why they were spying on him in public. He was then locked up for 3 years in a maximum security prison for calling the two Jewish boys “racist homicidal maniacs” and then almost murdered in jail in the first couple of days, all based on new “racial hate speech” laws recently introduced in Australia.  Read that last sentence again if you have to. If you call out the Jews on their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and theft of their land and even their fruit – you can not get 3 years in jail in a maximum security prison. That is where Australia and NZ are at under this Rothschild / Goldman Sachs private corporate ‘Fourth Reich’ system of Government. This is an important first test of those anti free speech laws, the final frontier before full scale global corporate / Jewish Rothschild tyranny and fascism.

The corporate whores that work for this lawless globalist mafia – both in Govt and in Rothschild controlled media – are still referring to this system as “free market capitalism in an open democratic society”. Sounds nice doesn’t it – but really this is the same old Jewish Communist run Soviet Russia. Capitalism is their new Communism – and its gone global.

And they are now apparently disappearing political dissenters in their jails.

Media Whores understands that journalists have tried contacting various Government departments, from Immigration through to Corrections and even the Australian High Commission, via phone and email.

Most of the people spoken to refuse to give their last names, are hanging up on callers or simply not replying at all.

This is like the East German Stasi or some kind of Soviet Secret service operation.

O’Connell has now been held in remand type conditions it has been claimed for over 20 days, without a hearing and for all we know without charge. This is a form of torture. We allege Brendon O’Connell, an Australian citizen is being tortured by the New Zealand Government, at the request of the Rothschild / Jewish globalist mafia.

The new Minister for Corrections, Kelvin Davis must issue a statement on Brendon O’Connell to the public. Note that NZ had an election/ elite-con on October 23rd and the various Government departments are all claiming that they are not yet “fully operational” and many do not even have email addresses set up. It cannot be ruled out that Brendon was ill advised or even coerced or tricked into flying to NZ just prior to that election so that he could more easily be disappeared by the Jewish mafia.

Kelvin Davis’ secretary – Rebecca Tane  ( – has been professional and cooperative – but insists that the only way to ask for information on O’Connell, his ware abouts and his status is via an “Official Information Request” which can take 20 days or more. Media Whores understands such a request has been now been placed with both Corrections and Immigration NZ (

The question remains however – why was it OK to leak Brendon’s information and status to the Jewish journalist at Stuff newspaper so he could write a defamatory hit job article, but they refuse to provide information to anyone else? They have already breached his privacy – selectively.

And the big questions remain – where is Brendon O’Connell? Has he been charged with anything? Has he been afforded his rights? Has he been afforded a lawyer as required under NZ law? Why has he now been held in secret for over 20 days without a fair hearing as also afforded y NZ law? And why are the various NZ Govt agencies all stonewalling inquiries from the public and refusing to state their last names?

It should be noted that this is the same Rothschild/ foreign banker owned and run private corporate NZ government that is kidnapping children form their families at never seen before rates, while they refuse to hold an investigation into their own historical serial child abuse in State care, and are covering up the leaked Justin Davis Files that prove that ‘elite’ (in fact just Masonic) child abuse gangs are operating freely within NZ borders as many innocent people who have been framed for their crimes are held unlawfully in their same jails.

Its astounding really isn’t it. Our forefathers would be rolling in their graves. Lest we bloody well forgot, it would appear. But hey, we all have Netflix and great new Apps on our cell phones. We are so liberal and free these days.

Kelvin Davis – your party wouldn’t let you speak to media recently with the canceled morning news program appearance. Maybe they were afraid of what you might say? Your staff tell us you are a “good guy”. Maybe you are. Now is your chance buddy, to prove to NZ that you are on the side of the public who funds you, and allegedly voted for you. The NZ Government appear to have kidnapped an Australian National at our borders and have held him in secret now for over 20 days, most likely at the request of the Australian Govt and Julie Bishop, a corrupt Zionist pawn who supports the ethnic cleansing of East Timorese on behalf of Rothschild and Rockefeller owned mining companies.

Kelvin Davis must issue a public statement on the apparent kidnapping and disappearance of Brendon O’Connell – an Australian national – within our private corporate prison system.

We are on the brink Down Under in 2017. Will we allow our once proud sovereign Nations to fall further into the pits of Jewish mafia run global Communism, political disappearances, political trials and the subversion of our rights by Jewish Mossad operatives?

Or will we unite and restore and maintain honor in our Nation?

The spotlight is now on Kelvin Davis and the new Jacinda Ardern regime to see what direction they are taking this Nation. Down the Rothschild/ Jewish communist / corporate global NWO gulag drain hole? Or restore our honor and insure the rights of citizens?

We are about to find out.

At this stage it looks very much like they intend to deploy the Rothschild corporate Stasi in suits to try and cover up the entire disappearance.

The ‘elite’ child sex trafficking must go on. This appears to be the only mandate for the Rothschild controlled Crown. That and the export of our farm produce for their overseas buyers. That is why they are trying to silence the likes of Brendon O’Connell who has simply spilled some uncomfortable truths and shown a light on the real mafia running the entire global corporate takeover.

To the good and honorable Kiwis working in or trapped in this Rothschild private corporate system – what side are you on? Aotearoa and its people and laws, or a ruthless globalist mafia of perverts and child sex traffickers? This is our Nation and we have a duty to look after it – lets not hand it over to a private corporate mafia run by faceless wealthy perverts hiding away offshore.

And let’s look after our neighbours. This situation plays right into the hands of the Rothschild social engineers who seek to ruin Aussie / NZ relations. Masonic divide and rule as always.

Jes, this tranny is fuckin’ ugly inside and out.




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