The Great New Zealand Return to Sender Campaign


Kiwis are being encouraged to return all Government and council mail in what has been labeled “Return to Sender December”. Although Kiwis have reportedly started already and hope to run the campaign until the Government finally gives up and disperses altogether, once and for all.

One man Media Whores spoke to said “We are doing this because the Rothschild controlled NZ Government refuse to stop kidnapping and abusing children and are quite clearly now all following a foreign banker dictated global corporate agenda of non stop cyclical rape and plunder of Aotearoa, at our collective expense, while taxing us all for the bloody privilege”.

Admittedly it sounds a little like something Media Whores might say, or often says, but we generally try to avoid conspiracy theories and just report the facts.

Return to Sender – you are not that legal name, you are the sovereign lawful administrator of that Crown owned trust.

Elvis will better explain……

Media Whores would also like to point out to the keener / more ‘elite’ astrological eyes that no doubt follow things with close interest – or at least while pocketing most of the interest – that with this post of a ‘white man dancing’ the prophecy  is now complete – at least according to the late Leonard Cohen – and without anyone necessarily having even broken into a new age shuffle….

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One thought on “The Great New Zealand Return to Sender Campaign”

  1. Badgoy says:

    Good shit. The new zealand police keep sending me remittance advice. What is a remittance? Blacks law dictionary says its a form of money like a promissory note. So why do they want it back? Dodgy as.

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