Do Jews Run the Meth, Brothels & Prostitution Industries in New Zealand?


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Media Whores has noticed a few stories of late claiming that Hitler was on meth. We have passed various comments about Hitler over the past year but there is so much contradictory evidence out there it is hard to draw any certain conclusions. No doubt by design.

We know Hitler had a Jewish doctor who was most likely poisoning him slowly and injecting him with pure meth and some say eventually ruined the man via some kind of medicine which had destroyed his stomach by the end of the war and led to fatal decisions such as invading Russia in the middle of winter.

When looking more into the issue of meth in Nazi Germany we noticed that a Jewish German fiction writer had been encouraged to write a book on the topic. A fiction writer. More and more evidence was coming forward that it was Jews who in fact ran the meth and other drugs in Nazi Germany and so a Jewish fiction writer was deployed to mold the story, and always promoted by the Jewish owned global media. Ref “High Hitler” the Jewish owned ‘Guardian’ (of bullshit).

There must be hundreds of thousands of books out there written by Jewish ‘fiction’ specialists that serve to bend the truth and/or cover up uncomfortable facts – in our opinion. Its a huge business, the mind control business of framing history. Many now agree Anne Frank’s Dairy is one such example.

Another common theme from the Wiemar Republic / pre WWII days was that Jews were responsible for the degradation of the arts, culture and society via their ownership and promotion of the porn industry and sex trade. Some of this is mentioned and referenced in the videos below.

We also know the porn industry these days is mostly owned and controlled by Jews. Like most industries to be fair and certainly the ones with global reach.

Youtube coughs up a series of related videos when you let it run and it was this one below that joined some of these dots for us. The history of Jewish Bolshevism and communism – the invasion of other people’s Nation’s using drugs, sex and debauchery, to turn the masses into drug addicts and whores, while a small group of Jewish elites suck the resources and profits from that Nation until it finally collapses.

Ring any bells?

Young women living in Auckland these days can choose between working 50 hours per week on $15.50 per hour, less taxes, travel, rent, bills and food – and be left with barely enough to buy shoes. Or they can go work in a Jewish run brothel or strip parlor and earn that much every day – simply by trading their souls – which is the goal of the communists some say. And the meth is always available and often part of that lifestyle. We hear that many of the brothels in Auckland have a staff list up to 150 girls each. Thousands  more advertise themselves on line on websites such as New Zealand Girls owned by a man named “Rob” – unsure if he is a Jew, but we have heard he is something of a tyrant and bully. Almost all of these girls are collecting welfare from tax payers while making hundreds in cash on most shifts, and a large portion of them are said to be hooked on meth, often supplied by their same employers. You often hear the IRD come out and say they plan to target certain groups, such as tradesmen doing cashies, but you will certainly never hear them say they will look into the prostitution industry. Its the Inland Rothschild Department after all.

It has taken these globalist gangster perverts around 30 years of ‘neo liberal’ economics, ‘free trade’ agreements and ‘globalisation’ to destroy the New Zealand family unit and standards of living, forcing or encouraging thousands of young Kiwi women into the sex trade as a result. It has been a slow creeping communism – painted up as capitalism. Take your pick from the Jewish banker invented ‘isms – but they are never ‘free market’.

This gradual process of convincing – or turning – thousands of young Kiwi women into meth addicted hookers working in mostly Jewish owned brothels in New Zealand was painted up as ‘liberal progress’ and even as women’s lib. To question it is called being ‘politically incorrect’. Now they even promote a new abortion industry to go with it. Radio NZ are even big fans, often pushing it as a ‘liberating’ lifestyle with some of their top staff admitting they started out in that same industry (Kim Hill for one).  Some have claimed that most of the customers for these girls are people like the politicians, judges, lawyers and mainstream media personalities – which would explain the code of silence. Some of the more depraved have allegedly gone on to careers in politics, having cut their teeth in the prostitution industry – Christine Rankin being one it is claimed, others have also claimed Paula Bennett.

Kiwis are not allowed to discuss Israeli involvement in the staged 911 attacks and the fake war on terror – not in the mainstream at least, the subject is banned, even in politics. Much like any serious debate on the sodium fluoride being added to our water. Likewise for Jewish control of the global media, as well as banking and you will certainly never see any statistics detailing just how many of the New Zealand rich listers are Jewish these days, or the MP’s or most of the top media personalities These subjects are all censored and taboo/ not ‘kosher’. It is a highly organised code of silence.

We think it  is reasonable to add to that list – Jewish ownership and control of the sex and meth industries in NZ. If not just because the topics are off limits and untouchable, same as the other topics above that have involved Jewish racial supremacy, Jewish banking and related Jewish mafia crime. Nobody will discuss it seriously in the mainstream – it is all just accepted as somehow being normal. Much like the NZ Government’s kidnapping of children off their families. Much like NZ involvement in the wars for Israel across the Middle East. And much like the deafening code of silence around the Justin Davis Files and wholesale Masonic abuse of children in New Zealand. There is no debate at all.

People can have their own views on prostitution and the drugs trade obviously – we are simply pointing out that they are clearly two more industries or businesses that successive Goldman Sachs/ Rothschild controlled NZ Governments all seem to agree on and never make any real effort to analyze, quantify, debate or address.. almost like they have been handed down by God.

Perhaps the most astounding thing is the fact that the business of turning thousands of young Kiwi women into professional crack whores seems to be protected and even promoted by successive NZ Governments – both the so called left and right. Says it all really. They have created a multi billion dollar government industry around meth in just the past 15 years or so, with all of the people it puts on welfare, the children they can kidnap, the state housing they can test for meth then sell off to their mates at basement prices, or repair, and all of the related crime to keep the police, judges, courts and jails all fully employed. Meth is now estimated to be up to 20% of what the NZ Govt does and New Zealand is now a World leader in sex trafficking (just visit that New Zealand Girls website, most of therm are International visitors).

When there is a code of silence in the Jewish owned media and Goldman Sachs controlled Government on an industry that size – you can be pretty sure its the same small bunch of criminals behind the curtain, controlling the narrative, or censoring it completely. And it is the same across the Zionist controlled World……

Israel is a destination country for men and women trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and sexual exploitation – Source

A Jewish-run sex slavery ring was recently uncovered and exposed in Israel, The Times of Israel reported this morning.Source

Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader, with complicit help from US and Turkey – Source


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