MW Sunday Sport Feature – Have the Jews Banned Mark Hunt from UFC?


Featured Image – one of MMA’s most successful fighters of all time – Kiwi Mark Hunt – if not one of NZ’s most successful athletes of all time. Doesn’t get much respect in NZ’s media – perhaps just not ‘kosher’ enough. 


Kiwi MMA fighter Mark Hunt was recently banned from fighting in a Sydney UFC event by UFC manager Dana White.

Hunt claims his statement regarding recent loss of memory and slurred words were taken out of context and he was simply referring to the way he feels the morning after a few beers and an ongoing joke he shares with his wife regards his memory.


Image – the Sun on Mark Hunt and Dana White

Dana White simply removed him from the event but did not seek any medical tests or independent medical recommendations.

Which is all very suspicious.

NZ’s Jewish owned/ controlled media was then deployed to help paint the man up as a cripple. Goldman Sachs controlled Radio NZ included of course now that industry, media and state all have the same ‘Rothschild’/ globalist stakeholders and all follow the same dictated agenda.

Mark Hunt then sent this tweet out after being banned…click to read

We noticed that the word following “prick” had been removed from most copies of that tweet on line and wondered what it might have said.

Interestingly, we then found this Twitter response from Dana White denying he is Jewish…..although it was not a direct reply to Mark Hunt….

And then this one underneath which alleged Dana White is not a Jew but sold his company to a group of Jewish businessmen recently and has been ‘bending over’ for them ever since.

People tend to laugh off those ‘bending over’ comments, but does happen to a lot of the guys who sell out/ into the globalist club’ – Dana White would be the last one to know and he does have a very uncertain grin on his face in the videos below.

Jewish owned TMZ has since jumped to Dana White’s defense of course – see below. They specialise in celebrity cover ups and are a tool for MK Ultra Mind Control over any Goy celebs who start going off script.

We should reiterate here that we could not find the missing word from Hunt’s tweet and we are certainly not suggesting Hunt has awoken to the ‘antisemitic’ mind control agenda –  but it was Dana White’s other response that got our attention.

A message to Dana White

Legal Disclaimer – many people argue they are not really ‘Jewish money men’ at all, but rather shape shifting alien lizards. Who are we to judge. 2. Not to be confused with the Harvey Weinstein scandal. 

Other opinions from the inter-net spider web….

Oh hey guys is it 3am already? Yes Mr Whitestein – time for your ‘programming’….Owch. 

Seems Hunt wouldn’t go along with the money men’s steroid agenda…..perhaps that is the real story? In fact , probably is.

Check out the 120 kg Kiwi Aries in the ring – some would argue the best professional fighter NZ (and Samoa) has ever produced…..

Did Dana White get Cucked? 

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