Harvey Weinstein Calls for Gun Control


Featured Image – Hollywood inbred perverts, Harvey Weinstein and Brad Pitt, George Bush’s cousin.

Picture this scenario – you are a slobbering obese Jewish communist pervert worth a couple hundred million dollars and with a never ending supply of some of the best coke in the World, surrounded by some of the World’s most beautiful women, and yet still, nobody will sleep with you.

You have tried manipulation, bribery, conning, lying, cheating and all of the other tools that have been bred into you, but still – no luck.

Your deranged mind has decided that rape is the only option left, but you can never be too sure if the girl you have tricked up to your hotel room has a hand gun in her bag. Your life could be at risk.

This is why, the communist elites at Hollywood and Harvey Weinstein have come together to demand greater gun control.

Its time we put the victims first.

That time is now.

Join with Harvey Weinstein, Duncan Garner and Radio NZ – and say no to gun violence……

And just what is Meryl Streep anyway?


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