NZ Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway Remains Silent on Kidnapping of Australian National, Brendon O’Connell


Featured Image – NZ’s new ‘liberal’ immigration minister, Iain Lees-Galloway. Probably Jewish but haven’t looked into it. Some are saying most of them are these days.


There is still no word from New Zealand’s new ‘liberal’ Labour Government on the kidnapping and disappearance of Australian political activist Brendon O’Connell.

Brendon O’Connell who has been praised around the World for his work exposing Jewish racial supremacy and related global mafia crime, tried to enter NZ on October 11th 2017, but was apparently kidnapped at the airport and has since not been heard from.

A NZ Government department did leak his private information to the Jewish bank controlled mainstream media – but are apparently refusing to provide details to anyone else.

Under NZ law, the NZ Government can only hold someone for up to a few days without a hearing. They must also be afforded a lawyer.

This means the Jacinda Ardern Government have either disappeared him altogether at the request of their Goldman Sachs/ Rothschild overlords, or could be holding him under the fairly new terrorism laws as a terrorist. Those laws were of course written and designed for the Jewish mafia to be able to disappear political activists after the staged 911 attacks.

Either way it is all highly criminal activity.

It is fair to say that Winston Peters, the other arm of the Jacinda Ardern Government must be part of the cover up also.

We suspect that the Jacinda Ardern & Winston Peters Government have had him smuggled out of NZ on a military black opps flight to Israel. Sent him to his death in other words.

That is where NZ, and the West is currently at politically – these fake liberal fraudsters, who are really just Goldman Sachs and Rothschild sponsored corporate terrorists in suits, are now disappearing those they feel threatened by, as more and more evidence emerges that many if not all of these MP’s are seriously sexually compromised and being bribed by offshore spy agencies into following the Goldman Sachs/ Rothschild global corporate agendas.

Iain Lees-Galloway is the man responsible for the safety of those arriving in NZ….not to mention for International laws regarding their human rights…Also Kris Faafoi: Associate Minister of Immigration

These so called ‘liberals’ are out of their freaking minds. And behaving like lawless criminals for their private corporate globalist masters….makes one wonder what else they are into?

They would be wise to remember the fates of some of the people that have tried this stuff on in days past, because patience will no doubt run out soon – World wide. A one way train ticket to be closer to their ‘leader’.


Kris Faafoi – the faces of political kidnapping of Australian Nationals in New Zealand.

Contact Hon Kris Faafoi

Electorate office

Ground Floor, 6 Hartham Place South, Porirua
PO Box 50303, Porirua 5240
Phone: 0800 MANA MP (0800 626 267)
Phone: 04 237 9842
Fax: 04 237 9573

Parliamentary office


Contact Hon Iain Lees-Galloway

Electorate office

Address: 46 Princess Street, PO Box 1430, Palmerston North 4440
Phone: 06 356 5958

Parliamentary office

Address: Freepost PO Box 18 888, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160
Phone: 04 817 6967


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    Badgoy says:

    Stinking ki[$%^]. Question, why is vinny Eastwood a shill in media whores opinion? Genuinely curious. Thanks. Great site. I’ve subscribed.

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      mediawhores says:

      Search “The Justin Davis Files NZ”. Vinny Eastwood was approached by Justin Davis for an interview re the biggest leak on child abuse in our history. Vinny tried to coerce him to his home for the interview. Davis declined saying he didn’t think it was safe. Eastwood has never mentioned any of it. Do the math.

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