The Rocket Lab Retards…Hoax


Featured Image – Rocket Lab New Zealand. The latest “Space” hoax.


As we have well covered – so called “Space Travel” is a Masonic hoax. A lie.

No one has ever been to “space” – no one is ever going to “space” – in fact, it is not even “space” above us. It is in fact water. That’s why it is blue. Just like the ocean.

The degree to which you believe in “Space” and “NASA” and their various inventions such as Satellites, International Space Stations and landing on the Moon and Mars is a direct measure of your degree of mental retardation from your TV set, Rothschild sponsored education, the chemical additives in your food, the vaccines in your meats, and the sodium fluoride added to your water and drinks.

Unfortunately for humanity, the vast majority of the Nation, and indeed the World, are now technically, retarded. Or better put, they have been #Cucked.

There is no such thing as Satellites. It is a play on the words Saturn and Light. Their “God” – Lucifer. The so called light barer. So called Satellite TV is just terrestrial radio waves, same as your radio, wireless internet and cell phone. NASA is a play on the word SAtAN – the same ‘God’. Even the word Plane-T is a give away. We live on a large, circular flat plan, much like a music CD, surrounded by a 2km high wall of ice, which keeps the water trapped in. Most of the major aerial installations are up on those ice shelfs, creating the World wide connectivity we have today.

This has been a 200-300 years plan by the so called “Illuminati” (in fact just Khazar Jewish banking families), hatched around the time that the Rothschilds took over the treasury of the Vatican, then the Bank of England and finally the US Federal Reserve in 1913 – giving them full spectrum control over our Governments via the money supplies and thus the education system so they could turn you into a mindless monkey that can’t think for him/herself and instead be-lie-ves everything you are told via your tell-a-lie-vision and the Masonic kiddie fiddlers you see in suits each day on your screen, not least the Goldman Sachs sponsored politicians.

They now feed you a non stop stream of mind control poison via your TV set, mainstream media whores and the fake corporate political parties that they sponsor and control – and that’s all of them.

Most of this TV ‘programming’ contains explicit hidden images of child porn and extreme violence, set at a flicker rate which your conscious mind cannot process, but gets lodged in your subconscious, slowing turning you into a pedo Satanist, without you even knowing. (If you don’t believe that, just check this movie clip out at 43 seconds)

While you occupy yourself with the bread and circuses that they provide – they are pro-actively kidnapping and abusing children, on an industrial scale – which seems to be one of their other favorite hobbies.

Sounds nuts at first glance admittedly, but not as nuts as believing you are a monkey flying through space at a gazillion miles per hour on a magic gravity ball, while the oceans lie still and perfectly flat before your very eyes and the clouds drift peacefully overhead.

Rest assured, its 100% true. True reality is hidden from you – the tax paying Goy. Truth is in fact stranger than the fiction they feed you.

Below is the Rocket Lab NZ ‘space launch’ video from Youtube. And its another big fake hoax…..

Those who have managed to avoid becoming retarded will notice that they show no video of the rocket above 100 meters, then switch to computer generated imagery – much like NASA does. You might also pay attention to the teeth of the lead actor which look very much like they are shape shifting, although we try our best to avoid conspiracy theories.

Ask yourself why they do not show any footage above 100 meters. Then watch the other videos below. Then step outside, look up and learn to trust your own common sense again. Its blue and the Sun is not blue light.

These are the very people that you do NOT want to let around your children – these big money types with their flash toys. If not just because they seek to poison and thus control your minds.

We should note that we have seen no direct evidence that they are all Masonic kiddie fiddlers…..but we can confirm they are the same Masonic creeps that run Hollywood. In fact Hollywood makes most of their videos. Wellywood. You can guarantee it. It has Peter Jackson stamped all over it. Much like Alijah Wood.

The Rocket Lab mind control fraudsters have in fact been visiting schools – which should sound alarms bells to any sane Kiwis.

You have been #Cucked



Image – Sir Serial Kiddie Fiddler John Key and Rocket Lab Retard  Peter Beck hold their Masonic ring of Saturn up for tax payers to see. Looks like something out of a bad Halloween movie doesn’t he. Possibly just low on blood.

More fake rocket launches to “space”

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