When the ‘Jewish’ Mafia Deep State Comes After You….Randy Quaid


Could start a whole new section on these….

When the Jew mafia comes after you……

They deploy their Sayanim from all angles.

Someone at the your bank doubles your fees, someone at your internet provider switches you off for a week, a sayanim or Mason at your cell phone company steals your balance each month, sayanim in the Government start sending you speeding tickets from no where, the MOJ start sending you fraudulent letters with no signature, they will search you at the airport for no reason, detain you, even arrest you.

Media Whores has previously detailed how we were set up by the Tenancy Court for exposing Nick Smith MP as an alleged serial pedophile.

They are a pack of effeminate whiny cowards themselves, so always use others to do their dirty work, mostly Masons and most of them kiddie fiddlers.

As we know, Australian man Brendon O’Connell seems to now have been disappeared altogether now by the New Zealand Government.

Media Whores is very familiar with these tactics – used by the Jewish sayanim mafia – who are now targeting political activists, bloggers, and anyone else with a public profile who exposes their corporate world domination / dominatrix agenda….

One wonders how many of the famous people they say topped themselves were murdered. Quaid names a couple here, including Heath Ledger…..

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