Iain Lees-Galloway, Brendon O’Connell & the Masonic Pedophile MP Allegations


Featured Image – NZ Minister of Immigration under the Jacinda Ardern ‘liberal’ Government – Iain Lees-Galloway. Admittedly, he looks very excited. Overly perhaps. As well as hyper vein. All the usual symptoms. 


It beggars belief to watch these fake Rothschild owned ‘liberals’ calling for refugee rights even as they cover up the disappearance of Australian citizens from our airports. You will also never hear any of these fraudsters calling for an end to the bombing of foreign nations overseas for the Israeli State – only that we then take in more of the resulting refugees.

You will know them by their deeds. They are clearly not what they say they are. They lie.

So what exactly are these globalist corporate ‘liberals’? And what is their agenda?

Australian National Brendon O’Connell, as well as many others, have alleged that Western politics is now being run by Masonic child sex offenders/ pedophiles who are being bribed and protected by the Jewish/ Israeli State.

When O’Connell landed at Auckland International airport on October 11th, he was arrested and taken into custody and that information then leaked out to the mainstream media (Stuff.co.nz) – by a NZ Government department.


They have refused to comment on his whereabouts or the issue since. Apparently they only leak information selectively.

Media Whores understands that the office of Iain Lees-Galloway has been contacted directly for comment on the disappearance of Brendon O’Connell but his staff are refusing to comment. In fact, both women working in his office refuse to even provide their last names. Lisa and Alison.

Since when did it become OK for tax payer funded NZ government staff to refuse to identify themselves to the NZ public they work for? These accomplices are now being trained to refuse to provide their last names to the very people they claim to be working for. They should both lose their jobs. We are fast becoming like post wwii East Germany and Soviet Russia, run by these corporate types that pose as ‘liberals’. They operate behind a cloak of secrecy these days, presumably to avoid being associated with the treason and other corporate mafia crime of these very sick people in government.

It is not hard to see how the NZ Government is getting away with their systemic child abuse and CYF kidnapping rings these days. Its all just one big corporate cover up. A code of silence throughout their apparatus.

According to the leaked Justin Davis Files – it is really just a giant corporate pedophile ring they are operating these days. A bunch of demented sharks feeding on the proverbial blood of children.

The allegations by Brendon O’Connell are in the video below. Underneath that we include some of the same allegations made by NZ author Greg Hallett some years back, before he was chased out of the Nation by the Labour/ Helen Clark regime. There seems to be a pattern – MP’s accused of being Masonic serial pedophiles remain protected with no investigation at all, while those who make the claims are persecuted, set up, arrested, disappeared and chased out of their Nations.

We can’t confirm if any of these allegations apply to Iain Lees-Galloway, but we can confirm he is yet to issue a statement on the apparent kidnapping and disappearance of Australian National Brendon O’Connell.

In other words, Iain Lees-Galloway appears to be part of the cover up. Readers can do their own math on that one.

We can confirm that according to the mainstream media – pretty boy is actually happily married, although oddly vein for a middle aged married man……


Image – Iain Lees-Galloway dancing with his wife. Just the shot the Rothschild owned media was looking for. Perhaps Galloway could spend a little less time on his own hair and a little more time on his wife’s self esteem? Seems more interested in the meat truck next to him though doesn’t he? 

Other opinions from the web:…….

“The 2016 exposure of Dan Dolejs the freemason American by Justin Davis who had the International child sex trafficking contacts and the NZ child sex trafficking contacts from Nick Smiths Nelson office. NEGLECTED to profile the connection of the kiddie fiddler zionist John Key to this. THE FACT is that Dan Dolejs was shifted to Nelson only after John Key became PM. Prior to that he was the chairman of the National Party. MEANING the guy in 2016 with all the high profile child sex contacts in NZ and Internationally was the “chairman of the National Party” in 2005/2008. Only John Key could have had him shifted. Meaning John Key is intimately in that fashion connected to the child sex trafficked headquarters at Nick Smiths Nelson office. THE NEXT point is whether the high youth suicide in NZ is in actual fact deliberate “suiciding” of children and youth in NZ to get rid of the evidence of the massive paedophile stuff in NZ. Suiciding is their favourite form of getting rid of evidence. With the “Judge” coroner there to cover up any “murder” mistakes. THE FACT IS that John Keys mistress very conveniently “suicided” herself she was from Te Kuiti. So did Jogn Key have her suicided to make life more convenient. The logic prevails that this is exactly what he did. The next point is are they so organiused with “suiciding” in NZ that NZ is where they train their operatives on Kiwi kids.” – from our comments section. Its all the same club folks. Private corporate Rothschild / Goldman Sachs / Masonic global ‘government’. 

Claims you must be sodomised by the Masons to be promoted…..

“You must sodomise children to gain access to the [Rothschild/ Israeli] Lucifirean New World Order” – see final video for more such allegations….


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