Media Whores has Over 380,000 Readers…Our Real Stats


As we have previously covered, our website statistics and visitor numbers are hacked.

You will see the views on new articles being reset backwards every 5 minutes or so.

The stats in the back end hosting area are also hacked.

They show around 500-1000 visitors on an average day – yet only 40 or 50 actually read the leading article, which doesn’t add up.

When we view the raw data at the source, we see that we are getting around 1000 or more visitors every hour. “1000 records match”.

So how come the lead articles only get 50-70 views?

If we go by the raw data, we are getting around 24,000 visitors every day. Which sounds about right.

This is what the main visitor counter says- apparently nobody is on line right now at all. Clearly hacked.


The top articles now have well over 100,000 views each.

Nothing is secure on the internet. Would pay to remember that.

Although the very fact that the site is still up and running, and not hacked and taken down and even still appearing in search engines – shows there is a degree of honor somewhere.


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