The Secret Relationship Between Maori and the Jews


Featured Image – Mike Bayley of Bayleys Real Estate. Still making many millions selling off what was once Maori land while locals go homeless. These days they are selling it off to overseas buyers, or anyone with the cash, thanks to the so called “Free Trade Agreements” and compromised MP’s such as Nick Smith. Media Whores wanted to interview Mike Bayley for this article given his knowledge in the real estate industry, but he has not replied to our request. 


“For the LORD your God will bless you as He has promised you, and you will lend to many nations, but you will not borrow; and you will rule over many nations, but they will not rule over you. ” – Chosen by ‘God’ ? Or by Jewish bankers and their real estate agents? 

The victor writes history – and covers up their crimes. This is an ongoing process even in Aotearoa where the Masonic banking families actively cover up their ongoing rape and plunder of our Nation.

Few people know for example that it was elite wealthy Jewish families that ran the African slave trade. The predominately Jewish owned media and publishers still successfully blame the white man to this day.

The ‘elite’ banking families have been very skillful at blaming the white man for their crimes in New Zealand also.

Boatloads of poor white men were shipped here by the Rothschild bankers who took over the British Crown & Vatican treasure in the 1800’s.


The were sent here to dig the roads and mines, paid minimum wages with no workers rights at all, in what was some of the most remote land to be added to the Rothschild owned Crown Fiefdom. Many of them died and got sick as their greedy Rothschild bank overlords demanded more and more of the gold and coal from the mines. They dug rail tracks through thick native NZ bush, some even dropping dead at work, others died from disease on the cramped and understocked white slave ships on their way over.

While these hard working and mostly honorable (the dishonorable ones were sent to Aussie) white slaves of the Jewish Rothschild controlled British Crown toiled away to earn a basic living, the Jewish bankers were slicing up what was previously Maori land and handing it out to all of their inbred cousins and mates. Most of those inbred Jewish families still own huge amounts of New Zealand to this day, with many of their highly inbred offspring hiding behind huge trust funds and then posing as rich lister ‘entrepreneurs’, politicians and ‘liberal’ activists.

Fast forward to 2017 and the majority of white men own an average of one family home – if they are lucky – most are still paying off a mortgage, meaning the Jewish bankers still own most of their home. A smaller percentage of these 5th, 6th and 7th generation white slaves have managed to save enough money to buy their own holiday baches, usually propped up by more Rothschild loans.

The official story painted up by the media and his-story books is that the evil white man came to NZ and stole all the Maori land – with the Goldman Sachs controlled NZ media still inventing stories to this day about white man killing Maori and even setting fire to churches with Maori children inside. They usually recruit slobbering pedophiles from all persuasions to help push these lies on the unwitting and fluoridated public using false testimonies – same as they do in the courts with their “secret witnesses”.

As a 6th generation Kiwi, Media Whores is yet to meet any European settler descendant whose family was involved in any so called “land war”, or who ever killed a Maori, or stole their land, our own family included. The vast majority of them rented land that the Rothschild’s Crown had coerced or stolen off Maori and some were eventually luckily enough to buy a piece of it and build a house, and most are still paying off the homes they live in to this day. In fact many of them married with Maori and we see mostly part European Maori all around us to this day.

The simple fact is that everyone who ‘owns’ land in New Zealand is still renting it off the Rothschild Crown anyway. If your property is “registered” and you pay rates, it is owned by the Crown and they have simply given you a title. This is not ownership and the compulsory rates are your rents. Register/ regis/ regal/ royal = Crown owned.

This is how the ‘elites’ falsify history and blame others for their crimes – much like we all witnessed on 911 as the Israeli leaders all came out blaming radical Islam for another Israeli terrorist attack, before there was even an investigation – and then kicked off their ethnic cleansing across the Middle East – now also blamed on whitie, although admittedly many have been stupid enough to go along with it.

What gets hidden from the history books and the general consciousness of those who toil away for the bankers and Rothschild empire, struggling to pay the interest on their Rothschild owned mortgages and debts,  generation after generation, is how Masonic/ Talmudic/ Babylonian law is used to rape and plunder other people’s Nations behind the scenes.

According to Talmud quotes – they see all non Jews – white, brown and yellow alike – as “beasts”, cattle and dogs and their holy books in fact advise that the Jew steals from them, murders them and even abuses their children. It is a recipe for war and conquest which Jews themselves claim has never let them down.

One very important part of this recipe for war and conquest – as clearly laid out in the Talmud – is the rape of other people’s children as a means of destroying their innocence and subconscious at a young age, and the younger the better, so that they will grow up under trauma based mind control and be putty in the hands of the ‘elites’, or become angry violent criminals later in life and easier to put in jail, unsure of where their anger even comes from. This is indeed how the bankers groom and grow their meth and heroin distribution gangs.

This Talmudic law is given fancy names these days such as the “Mk Ultra Mind Control” as these banking fascists perpetuate their war on the so called “Goy” (non Jews), mostly via the army of Freemasons that they control via their organized masonic child abuse rings, and by adding sodium fluoride to the water supplies, poisoning the food supply with chemical additives, trafficking heroin and meth via the gangs they control and also via their Government child kidnapping rings, or what we now refer to as the Family Court and Ministry of Vulnerable Children.

Many allege that these Talmudic ‘elites’ actually carry out ritualistic child sacrifice and then drink the blood of their victims and eat their body parts, still to this day, which might explain all of the child kidnapping we see by the NZ Govt and possibly also explains the old vampire myths dating back thousands of years.

This organized Talmudic child abuse and the selling off of NZ land continues even to this day under the new so called ‘Free Trade Agreements’ and some have alleged by bribing serial child abusers into positions of power in government so that their wholesale plunder and theft of New Zealand from New Zealander’s can continue. Nick Smith MP, the previous Goldman Sachs owned housing Minister being one obvious example. The war on the ‘natives’ of Aotearoa by these Talmudic criminals rages on around us even in 2017 – against Maori and European settlers alike – while those running this war skillfully use the media they control to keep the ‘Goy’ slaves divided and blaming each other – while the inbred Masonic families steal all of the resources and climb the rich list – much as they have done with their manufactured war of terror between Christians and Muslims.


These days of course, the new age Masonic supremacists pose as  ‘liberals’ – but the child kidnapping, disappearances and allegations of Rothschild / Goldman Sachs run child abuse rings continue unabated. This is because they have never been exposed for who and what they are. Its still the same old Masonic / Talmudic supremacist law of rape and plunder and mind control, now dressed up as neo liberalism.

Perhaps one of the most obvious and current manifestations of this Talmudic rape, plunder and abuse of Aotearoa and its people, is the building of private corporate (Rothschild) prisons in New Zealand to house more and more of the meth addicts and Talmudic child abuse victims – instead of building homes for people to live in instead. Some say that as many as 50% of NZ MP’s are actually Jewish these days, but all of them work for Goldman Sachs, the financial ‘military’ arm of the Rothschild empire, so there is never any real debate on such obvious criminal agendas. Such policies are simply handed down by the offshore Rothschild ‘elites’ and never discussed in public. Do you know anyone who voted for more Serco / Rothschild prisons to be built with their tax money? Its the same with climate change taxes, immigration policy, and even the no smoking in public laws. Never voted on by the public Goy tax paying slaves.

Media Whores was interested to see the comment that came in the other day from a whistle blower who claimed that [these same Masonic Talmudists] are still abusing Kiwi children en masse in New Zealand and now even suiciding them on an industrial scale to cover up their crimes – usually hiding behind the veil of government departments, mayors and councilors, judges, coroners, lawyers, new age church leaders, MP’s, doctors and even school principles as they do it. We publish that comment again below….

Clearly what needs to happen for Aotearoa to call an end to this Masonic industrial pedophilia and the resulting ‘globalist’ corporate rape and plunder of our entire Nation, is for both the Maori and European slaves to get up to speed on what the actual problem is, then unite to finally address it. As many cultures and Nations have done successfully through out history.

“An accurate accounting of the history of Blacks and Jews from the Columbian era to the Civil War, including the extensive record of Jewish slave trading in the western hemisphere. 334 pages – 1,275 footnotes – More than 3,000 sources – Jewish journals, encyclopedias, newspapers & other publications – Jewish scholars & rabbis – Court records – Shipping records – Jewish wills – Runaway slave notices – Auction notices – Published sermons – Census data – Slave bills of sale – Tax records Full Index – Bibliography.” – the Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews, Amazon

“Today in the Herald it speaks of that girl who was murdered from near Opotiki. Marie was her name nicknamed “mush”. What was mentioned also that one of her children a young boy “piripiri” committed suicide in the far north, AND WAS AMONGST A “CLUSTER OF SUICIDES” in the area at the time. That the death was ruled as accidental by the coroner a Bankt “Shortland”. Not sure of his first name.
It is noted that Northland is isolated and the paedophile rings prefer isolated ares, such as the 80,000 plus genocided Canadian Indian children apologised for by the Canadian Supreme Court in 2016, after a huge amount of work by Kevin Annette and supporters. So we are discussing industrial scale mass murder of children by these groups. So we are also discussing industrial scale mass murders made to look like suicide by these groups.
It is also noted that Northland is where John Key went to extreme lengths to cover up the Mike Sabin ———- affair, that appeared to smell of extreme money etc at work and Mike Sabin getting a new flash job for something he was totally untrained for. That Winston peters got that area because of the MP having to stand down and such things said as “they are covering it up even as I speak”, with the Northland area still reeling from several paedophile teachers and the such like being exposed just prior to this.
It appears reasonably obvious that if children are being suicided then it would be more efficient to do them in “as clusters”. And get it signed off as accidental by the local coroner.
It appears that the “mush” who was murdered had also been subject to sexual abuse from an early age. Which would indicate she was the target of a paedophile group and that these connections will for sure have also got to her children and to her relatives children. (the average paedophile gets to over 200 children). With one in 8 of those children becoming another paedophile. That in fact the local Maori population was subject to severe paedophile infestation as far back as at least 1840 or so. That the far north was where it got started and was most severely entrenched, hence “National” had a specialist paedophile ——– getting things in order in the far North. That a paedophile MP with —– connections and drug running connections and a history of extreme violence and falsification of charges etc would be most suited to the area. Especially since Dan Dolejs was the national party chairman before being moved to Nelson to run the child sex trafficking operation from Nick Smiths office (according to the Justin Davis files). Since he was the one with all the international contacts and national contacts.”

And this one earlier, probably from the same whistle blower….

“The 2016 exposure of Dan Dolejs the freemason American by Justin Davis who had the International child sex trafficking contacts and the NZ child sex trafficking contacts from Nick Smiths Nelson office. NEGLECTED to profile the connection of the kiddie fiddler zionist John Key to this. THE FACT is that Dan Dolejs was shifted to Nelson only after John Key became PM. Prior to that he was the chairman of the National Party. MEANING the guy in 2016 with all the high profile child sex contacts in NZ and Internationally was the “chairman of the National Party” in 2005/2008. Only John Key could have had him shifted. Meaning John Key is intimately in that fashion connected to the child sex trafficked headquarters at Nick Smiths Nelson office. THE NEXT point is whether the high youth suicide in NZ is in actual fact deliberate “suiciding” of children and youth in NZ to get rid of the evidence of the massive paedophile stuff in NZ. Suiciding is their favourite form of getting rid of evidence. With the “Judge” coroner there to cover up any “murder” mistakes. THE FACT IS that John Keys mistress very conveniently “suicided” herself she was from Te Kuiti. So did Jogn Key have her suicided to make life more convenient. The logic prevails that this is exactly what he did. The next point is are they so organiused with “suiciding” in NZ that NZ is where they train their operatives on Kiwi kids.” – from our comments section. Its all the same club folks. Private corporate Rothschild / Goldman Sachs / Masonic global ‘government’. 

And from Justin Davis:

Make no mistake the pedophiles have police and cyfs in there pockets. M.P. Nick Smith got a child [@#$%^] club running right out of his office by a guy called Dan Dolejs, who has links to the most powerful pedophiles in this country. If the head of the wellington hospital emergency department Dr Paul Quigley is getting away with drugging and [@#$%^&*] children, which is filmed , what else do you think might be going on ?” – Justin Davis

A suicide support group leader says Whanganui has been “inundated” by suicides this year  – Herald  09/11/2017
New Zealand has the highest rate of youth suicide in the OECD (ages 15 to 19) – Herald 05/11/2017

Waikato police speak out about suicide and mental health issues – Herald 12/10/2017

Father raises awareness around sudden death, questions hospital over son’s treatment Herald 12/10/2017

A Far North community grappling with a cluster of deaths among their young people says the Government isn’t doing enough to prevent youth suicide. – Herald 04/11/2013

[Legal disclaimer – Media Whores does not know if Mike Bayley claims to be Jewish or a Freemason, but we thought as an ‘industry leader’ in the NZ property market, he would be well suited to comment on this article. Mike Bayley has unfortunately, like so many others we have asked, not replied to our request for an interview. We have certainly not seen any direct evidence that Mike Bayley is directly involved with Jewish Talmudic ritualistic child abuse and in no way wish to imply such – although some might argue that his continued support for Nick Smith MP after he was exposed as an alleged serial child sex offender was not ideal for a so called ‘leader’. The ‘child abuse’ we refer to can relate to Maori children being forced off their land in days gone by, or Maori children currently living in parks and under bridges in Auckland, or to Maori children going unfed so their parents can pay their rent, or to the allegations of organized Masonic pedophilia that we see to this day]

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    Harry the Dog says:

    Just a thought, but surely a site that so effectively nails the ‘jews’ is going to attract the odd hitlerist? Eh?

  2. Reply
    Badgoy says:

    When different races breed offspring. The child will superior to one parent but inferior to the other parent. Maori have their place but don’t embellish the truth.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      out of that entire article – that is the one point you take issue with?
      we dont really get into the whole white race supremacy stuff, sorry.
      one race, the two eyed human race.
      and possibly one other breed with snake/ reptile dna.
      those who obses over the white blood line suffer from a mental illness in our opinion.
      all human life is valuable. created equal. one way or another.
      to state otherwise is also anti ‘christ’ in the biblical sense.
      as you can tell, we are not big on the whole satanism/ anti christ stuff either.

      1. Reply
        Badgoy says:

        Who is talking about white supremacy? If a donkey and a horse mate does the offspring then become a super horse? No, the offspring becomes better than a donkey but inferior to a horse.

        Thanks for posting my comment regardless of your personal beliefs. I guess is the only balanced media in NZ today.

        Good site. I like it.

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          mediawhores says:

          On the presumption that you own the horse, and the donkey…and it is any of your business to begin with….
          Do you intend to try and fk the off spring of the donkey and the horse?
          Marry it?
          Or just have it pull a plow?
          I am unsure why it would concern you at all.

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