Is Israel Burning it’s Own Jewish Hollywood ‘Elites’ ? – Operation Talpiot


Featured Image – our own Russell Crowe with Harvey Weinstein


Russell Crowe apologises to the Jewish mafia for anti circumcision rant on Twitter. Oh dear, time to be exposed Russell. How dare you question Jewish child genital mutilation – for ‘God’. 

Voice and phone recordings of the ‘elite’ Jewish perverts are being leaked on line.

As previously covered, Israeli IT companies now have bugs in every room, house and office in the developed World, mostly via the “Intel Inside” silicon chips. Even in your smoke alarms and dishwashers these days. Not to mention the smart meters. Every sound you make in your house can be recorded, if the spies choose to access it.


Many allege this is how they bribe and control all the perverts up the ladder to begin with.

But when they start speaking out about Israeli genocide and ethnic cleansing – or even circumcision apparently  – they are promptly thrown in the pit. The snake eating it’s own tail.

That doesn’t necessarily make the allegations any less true, just adds some perspective.

If Fox News are part of the exposé – rest assured its part of a broader agenda.


Israeli security firm “Black Cube” hired to silence Harvey Weinstein scandals – seems Weinstein initially sort protection by the 666 club / cube / el cube, but was obviously denied.



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Google search “Hollywood Israel” – seems Israel is not happy with its more ‘liberal’ tribesmen and women in Hollywood…

 Operation Talpiot – Brendon O’Connell

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