Weak End Feature – Eric Watson on the Elite Satanist Global Child Trafficking Rings


Featured Image – Eric Watson. ‘Business leader’ and NZ rich lister.  Some say he may be Chosen by God while some claim he is one of NZ’s leading financial criminals. 


With the avalanche of allegations and evidence that the global wealthy elites are in fact Satan worshipers involved in elite child abuse rings and satanic rituals that is claimed gives them their power and money, Media Whores thought we would reach out to NZ rich lister Eric Watson for comment.

Does he agree these scandals make all of the elites look bad?

How does it feel to open the same morning newspapers you have paid millions of dollars to over the years, simply to find them reporting on stories about your co ‘elites’ and rich listers using underage prostitutes and sexually assaulting young boys?

What can be done?

Have they considered hiring PR people or spin doctors to try and deflect attention from themselves and thus any suspicion?

And more importantly, could tax payers and/ or Warriors supporters be convinced to fund it? If not bail them out completely?

Eric Watson was the ‘entrepreneur’ behind the NZ finance company that lost $450,000,000 of Kiwi mum and dad investors’ money during the Jewish banker staged Global Financial Crisis of 2008. Hundreds of those Kiwi investors lost their homes and life savings and ended up living in caravans, many becoming sick and even terminally ill.

It was a huge success for the inbred banking elites. The only problem would be covering it all up. Watson fled NZ for the USA as the storm gathered, leaving some well paid (off) donkey behind to take the blame and was never charged or convicted. He would probably argue this was because he was ‘innocent’.

He then reappeared some years later once the dust had settled and set up shop in South Auckland to run the NZ Warriors, driving the brand into the ground and demoralizing most of South Auckland and a good % of NZ in the process. Again.

While the sports business may be struggling somewhat in Auckland and South Auckland, the meth industry has boomed, making up to $10 million cash [edited] each month for the top traffickers. Not that we wish to imply the two are related, but obviously when communities are kept healthy and positive, their sports teams tend to do better also.

Watson is now back on the NZ rich list worth around $450 million, oddly enough about the same amount he lost for his investors some years earlier. Again, this is probably just a coincidence. God works in mysterious ways and it is probably just cash from ‘gate sales’ ….and underwear sponsorship.

He has apparently also had very little contact with his previous victims – but they are losers after all and name one rich lister who wants to go hang out in a caravan park….

The fact that his new business partner Owen Glenn has been accused of being an international drug trafficker is a story for another day also.

Watson apparently still prefers to be thought of as an “entrepreneur”. Others say he is NZ’s leading financial criminal and will spend at least 30 years in jail once NZ takes back control over it’s Government from the inbred foreign bankers that Watson is in bed with – or possibly have him installed as a caged fixture down by the water front somewhere so his victims and the general public can all throw stuff at him on weekends.

It is fair to say that opinions vary but most seem to agree they were left feeling rather violently and suddenly sodomised by Watson, snappy dresser though he is. Some of the Warriors fans no doubt feel the same way and many are concerned he could strike again without warning, with some fans we spoke with referring to him as a “serial sodomiser” – in the business sense at least – and that all of the girls he parades around are just cover – possibly explaining why he never seems to keep any of them very long.

To question Sodom and Gomorrah is politically incorrect these days however, so these sorts of issues are seldom discussed publicly. Perhaps he just prefers the company of those strapping young men in their lycra shorts, but that is his business at the end of the day.

In one of the videos below it is alleged that all of these glamorous models are just high class call girls, flown around the World to be gang banged and sexually abused by dirty old wealthy men under the guise of “fashion” shows and “promotions”. Others claim most of them are actually trannies as the elites have all become a bit that way inclined. Clearly another smear campaign against some of our best and brightest, and most Chosen.

Media Whores had trouble trying to locate and contact Eric Watson for comment on a recent story we did about how the elites traffic the meth and heroin into NZ to turn young Kiwi women into hookers, so this time we haven’t bothered trying. We do however invite Watson to join in the discussion and comment below, should he ever feel inclined to actually contribute to society in some small way.

Specifically we are interested in whether Eric Watson has met any of these elite globalist pedophiles, or even done business with them, or is possibly even friends with any of them, related to some of them, or perhaps even all of them? Is he familiar with Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express for example? Does he have a private jet also? Or could it all just be fake news?

We are certainly not suggesting he would be part of the same underage prostitution rings and ongoing cover ups. We stress that we have seen no evidence whatsoever that losing $450 million of other people’s money proves a person is a satanist and would be abusing people – and as our readers know, we try to avoid outrageous conspiracy theories and stick to the facts. Nor do we necessarily agree that these types clearly suffer from a psychotic lack of empathy and genuinely insane level of vanity and self love, as alleged in some of the research quoted below.

Our angle here is simply to ask – are the elites of NZ concerned about their reputations with all of these scandals breaking around them, on a more and more regular basis? Do all of these elite pedophile scandals make our own elites look like a pack of creepy low life thieving fkers also? Or is it safe to assume that most Kiwis would never join those sort of dots, even if it did cross their minds to try and do so?

This would seem grossly unfair to us at Media Whores and we would remind readers that everyone has the right to the presumption of innocence – as well as to remain silent. And no less so just because they happen to have a long line of zeros in their bank accounts. We are all equal in the eyes of the law. Not that Watson or any other ‘elite’ has been exposed or accused of any of this type of stuff. It just seems a bit unfair to us that people might leap to those sorts of assumptions.

Perhaps readers could spare a thought for Eric Watson and others like him. Just when you think you have got it made, and global elite pedophile scandals start leaking like the heavens themselves have opened up.

Watson does seem to have the skin of a lizard however, so perhaps he is not overly concerned.

We would welcome any comment below. Media Whores is here to provide a voice for the persecuted and downtrodden after all.


Image – Jeffrey Epstein – convicted for running an elite pedophile ring for wealthy clients, specializing in the rape of underage prostitutes. Also seems to have trouble keeping his teeth in his mouth. Over 40 sex trafficking victims so far, on record. Most of these types tend to become more and more degenerate the older they get.

Warriors club owner Eric Watson after the Vodafone Warriors press conference where it was announced that former Kiwi and Warrior player Dean Bell was comming back to the Warriors as the clubs Community and Development Manager in August this year, Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand, Wednesday, March 21, 2007. Credit:NZPA / Wayne Drought
Image – Eric Watson – some have suggested he may just have an over sized tongue.

eric watson with kelly-brooke

Image – Eric Watson with Glamour Doe # 35. Looks a bit flustered doesn’t he. 

Eric Watson-Crook

Image – Eric Watson with Glamour Doe #36. Looking slightly more doped out. 

Interestingly – there is no information on his family or even his date of birth on Eric Watson’s Wikipedoa page. 

Perhaps we should add – Media Whores in no way wishes to imply that Eric Waton’s life long/ semi professional / serial quest for ‘love’ has had any effect on his ability to actually run a business, or a sports team.

Other opinions from the interweb……

“USA–stated that Watson “could not organise a drink in a brewery”; and in view of the string of high profile business failures Watson has been associated with since the 1990s, it’s easy to dismiss him as an incompetent schemer. But Watson is no fool.  In essence he is a gambler with other people’s money. ” Gambler or procurer?

Eric Watson NZ’s leading Jewish financial criminal – Source

Jeffrey Epstein shape shifting on camera as he discusses his deformed willy – said to be the cause of so much of these people’s problems, from generations of inbreeding. Some spend their entire lives and many millions trying to compensate – and often even using other people’s money.


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