How the Freemasons Created Islam


You know, Santos Bonacci really does come out with some of the most incredible statements.

Often you have to walk away for a while and then come back later to double check if you heard right.

This would be another such example

The Freemasons created Islam.

Although if you study his work it does kind of make sense, as he is proving all theologies are just astrology. And it is all documented in the Jewish Talmud.

He quotes heavily from the Jewish religious texts, not least the Talmud. Don’t think we have heard him mention the child abuse bits, nor Jewish racial supremacy quotes either. Seems to be a little selective.

Bonacci has his head so buried in books, he didn’t notice the Jews staging 911 and the war on terror, or the fact that they now seem to own everything. 

He also reveals that the Rothschilds and Windors are all from the Persian Orsini Family

And the Persian Medi Family runs the media and medicine / big pharma – which makes sense.

In the video below you will hear him dance around the ‘Jewish question’ again – as he usually does. Perhaps just a bit more tactful than we are and knows the risks. He is leaking all of their secrets after all.

Anyway – this video deserves it’s own post and title – not least for Google search.

You know that the Quran also states that the Jews are God’s chosen people and that Israel belongs to the Jews? By some interpretations at least.

It’s not rocket science figuring out who runs freemasonry and the elite families is it? And no doubt set them all up in power to begin with, much as they have done with the new Saudi Royals etc. The Jews are always in the thick of it, pulling all the strings behind the scenes. Like ghosts. Or shape shifters if you will…..And always painted up as the victims once the job is done and their new order put in place…..and always making the most money out of it.

In other words – the Jews created and run Freemasonry, which is used to control the elite families and all of the religions. And it is all just astrology…….astrological knowledge.

We suspect the Jews are simply using Santos Bonacci to get all of this secret information out – to balance their karma – before they collapse the entire Western World via the “kill switches” in all of the technology. See Operation Talpiot video under…

Talmudic sources of the Quran

A Jewish Africans man joins many of the same dots, while making non stop 666 hand signs,  but very long…..Freemasonry sits behind Islam….but don’t blame the Judes please…

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