The Lake Taupo Earth Curvature Test


Featured Image – Lake Taupo viewed from the Northern end. According to NASA, there should be around 160 meters of curvature from one end to the other. So how come you can see the shorelines from either side?

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Here is a nice little example sent to us yesterday, for those still struggling with the idea that they may have been raised under Masonic / MK Ultra / trauma based mind control – and remain so to this day.

The distance from the Taupo lake front to the far South side is around 45km.

The outlet is at the Taupo/ northern end and is the start of the Waikato river. This means there is a slight decline from the Mount / southern end, as the water runs out at the Taupo / northern end.

The altitude of Turangi is 380 meters above sea level and the altitude of Taupo is 360 meters, so there is a 20 meter decline over that 45 kms.

According to NASA however, there should also be a 165 meter curvature over that distance as well.

The equation is essentially (8 inches) x (distance in miles squared).

(There are other calculators on line to choose from – search earth curvature calculator). 

That would mean that between 140 to 180 meters of shoreline should be invisible, from either side of the lake. You should only see water, not shore line, or other towns on the other side.

Next time you are driving past or visiting Lake Taupo, stop and take a look for yourselves.

Does it look to you like 160 meters of land on the far side is not viewable? Or can you see the shore line, across the very flat looking water.

If you are there at night time, you will see the lights of the smaller towns at the far end, and none of them are 160 meters above the lake level.

People can carry out these sorts of experiments all over the Nation, using Google to find the distances between two points and a curvature calculator, or the equation. You will never be able to prove the alleged curvature, because it doesn’t exist on a flat Earth/ hEart.

Some other proofs below.

Or feel free to comment.


Image – Lake Taupo lights at night time. 

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