Has the Corporate World become a Transgender Pedophile Cult? #TPP


Featured Image – tax payer funded Radio NaZi has been almost relentless in their push for the Transgender Pedophile Pact, or TPP


In short – yes, it has.

It is safe to conclude that the globalist corporate World has become a giant Freemasonic homosexual & transgender pedophile cult.

New Zealand and other Western Nations are becoming poorer and poorer – in fact bankrupted and destroyed under this Rothschild/ Jewish controlled globalist agenda. That is the only agenda. The rape and plunder of our Nations and it is being done by a bunch of demonic child sex offenders being bribed by Rothschild and his Masonic Jewish mafia.

As these highly inbred demonic parasites spend our money figuring out how best to rape and enslave us all, more and more allegations are flooding out that the top corporate ‘elites’ – or globalists if you will – are in fact mostly Freemasonic pedophiles and serial child abusers, often dressed up in drag, who essentially feed off the blood of innocent children in the Nations they control – both literally and figuratively.

People could however take some solace in knowing that the World has essentially always been run in this manner. There is just another ‘awakening’ happening, which has in the past lead to brief periods of freedom.

‘Elite’ Masonic Jewish corporate fascists and perverts have controlled the narrative as far back as records began, and started being doctored and manipulated.

Through Freemasonry – which is essentially just Jewish Talmudic astrology for the ‘Goy’, they enforced the religions that they wrote – both Islam and new age corporate Christianity (new age as in at least the past 600 years of it) – on the public, so that they could control their minds and have easier access to their children.

The highly organized and mass Freemasonic child abuse of ‘Goy’ children continues around the World to this day as these highly inbred and demonic elites race towards implementing their new religion based on the corporate ‘Profit’, with a small handful of demonic Masonic Jews owning almost all of the wealth. They are your “Gods”.

The long list of Jewish fascists that control the USA and most global corporates has been well documented on the ZOG website here 

Talmudic pedophilia is the glue that binds them and this Talmudic / Freemasonic serial child abuse insures their continued success via trauma based mind control. The kids they abuse – and they do it by the hundreds via their schools, churches and even MP offices – grow up to be putty in their hands. Willing slaves. Willing corporate sex slaves to be precise.

As new technologies are discovered they are stolen by these inbred Masonic Jewish pedophiles and used to better enslave the Goy, with every household in the developed World having an “Intel Inside” computer chip in their house, which gives these Masonic Jewish pedophiles the ability to spy on everything you – and your children – do. That same technology has been used to spy on all Western politicians so that the Masonic Jewish elites could identify and then promote the very sickest and demented to the top positions of power.

Rings of Saturn-spying on U
Rings of Saturn-spying on U

We are now governed over by a gang of highly demented Rothschild controlled and Goldman Sachs sponsored child sex offenders who are paid to sell us all out as fast as possible.

They are apparently the only people sick (and compromised) enough to do the job.

See video below to see the transvestite Canadian PM Justin Trudeau pushing transgender sex on children as young as 5 years old. 

The fact that over well 100,000 Kiwis turned up in Auckland in Feb 2016 to say know to the Trans Pedophile Pact has been ignored, as have the 10’s of thousands of other protest and petitions around the World.

People are sick to death of this Rothschild/ Jewish masonic fascism – but they continue in their quest to enslave us all anyway.

This is the power that the pedophile Masonic elites have over their puppets in every Nation.

These demonic Masonic Jewish pedophiles wrote their claim to world (and anal) domination in the religious texts that they created, mixed in with the universal astrological laws, so as to confuse and control the minds of the Goy as they put their plans in place, and we are now paying the price for our collective stupidity – as we always have.

“”For the LORD your God will bless you as He has promised you, and you will lend to many nations, but you will not borrow; and you will rule over many nations, but they will not rule over you. ” – the Jewish Masonic Bi-bal 

Similar quotes can be found in the Quran – also written by the Jewish / Babylonian Masons – where they name themselves as God’s or God’s Chosen ones and decree that they will rule over everyone else.

How can this globalist gang of demented serial globalist Masonic pedophiles be stopped?

And more importantly – how can we stop them abusing everyone’s children?

What must be done?

We have a bunch of pedophile MK Ultra mind control victims being bribed into selling us all into global corporate slavery – run by serial child abusers. This is the cold reality we find ourselves in.

(Legal – Media Whores is not suggesting all bent people are child abusers, we are however suggesting that most of the top corporate globalist types are sexual deviants or perverts of some description, and that child abuse is the glue that binds them) – that much seems clear).

Canadian PM – Justin Trudeau – transgender pedophile

Jacinda Ardern and the Transgender Agenda

Jacinda Ardern & the Transgender A-Gender

Donald Trump – Pedophile, married to a transvestite, with trans kids.

Can’t read Spanish, but the other PM pictured above is no doubt also a sexual deviant being bribed

Masonic Jewish pedophiles run it all folks – the entire fake corporate reality, that is enslaving and killing you.

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