Kiwis Being Warned to Watch their Children During Justin Trudeau Visit


Featured Image – Canada’s Transvestite PM – Justin Trudeau 


Kiwis are being warned to keep a close eye on their children for Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s visit – Source

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has invited Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to visit New Zealand during talks at the East Asia Summit in the Philippines. In comments before the meeting Trudeau said the two had a lot of issue to discuss where they had shared values including a progressive trade agenda, climate change and oceans or “redeveloping a feminist international development policy”. According to Canada’s government it targets gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls” – Stuffed. 

God help us

Watch as Jasonderella Ardern shape shifts on Newshub – her whole forehead keeps sliding out. He/She is with alleged career heroin trafficker and tranny man, Annette King, discussing why marijuana should be banned. The guy narrating didn’t notice, Vinny Eastwood seems to miss quite a lot.

Maybe we should be trying to help these people escape?


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5 thoughts on “Kiwis Being Warned to Watch their Children During Justin Trudeau Visit”

  1. And Vinny has been made aware of Brendon O’Connells latest plight and no response! this is a guy who who had two muppets on about David Bain being the killer not the dad, well guess what, I have met David and have a mate who grew up in Dunedin with the family and he said to me you will realize he is innocent if you ever meet him, and I got the chance to and he was correct! however I have come to realize to we also have false flag operations in NZ, political assassinations and manufactured news stories, the one that gets me that nobody else has got was the MacDonalds shooting in Upper Hutt was one! and if you want my summations I will provide them happily, or the fact with the Connor Morris killing, the headhunters were raided and two million dollars worth of assets were seized, about the cost for a crown prosecution and the guy who was alleged to have killed him found guilty. Also Vinny thinks Greg Hallett is a flake, for mine, hes a true crusader of truth!

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      I often wondered if Connor Morris was set up actually.
      He was enticed down the road to a waiting mob, with large knives ready
      yeah Vinny Eastwood – a professional toss pot, being exposed.
      They all will be 😉
      how involved he is is anyone’ guess.

  2. Reply
    Badgoy says:

    You keep dissing Vinny but you never offer up any evidence, or an actual reason for that matter. Give us a reason or ease up on the guy. I know he’s not a filthy kike! Can you say the same?

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      Read the evidence cnt.
      not a word on the Justin Davis Files
      Not a word on the northland suicides
      Not a word on the masonic child abuse rings in nz
      do the math
      Vinny is part of the club.

    2. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      what we are saying is – why has vinny remained silent?
      on all of it?
      not to mention davis said he contacted vinny but didn’t trust him. he kept asking him to go to his house and wouldnt do a phone interview
      vinny replied and said he doesnt know who davis is. lie
      then he said straight after that he did know who he was. another lie.
      we have explained all of that – and you have ignored it- and asked for the evidence. so you are a liar also.
      we are exposing child abuse in nz.
      seems you and vinny want to cover it up
      not impressed.

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