Canadian Bill 89 Allows Govt to Seize Children off Parents if they Disagree with Transgender Policies


Featured Image – Justin Traudeau with Jewish serial child sex offender and child trafficker – John Podesta (another made up name – these people come straight out of the pits of hell). 

Yes – for real.

The Canadian pedophile / foreign bank run state has passed a law allowing themselves to kidnap children off their parents if the parents disagree with gender identity laws and rules.

For example, if you kick up a stink about your 5 year old kids being taught anal sex in primary school- the state can come and take them off you and into their care.

At the end of this video, you will see Traudeau being instructed by John Podesta – the liberal progressive Jewish American politician who has been exposed for running child sex rings in Washington DC and further abroad, as detailed in the Pizza Gate leaks (that NZ’s pedophile ring media have all covered up. Blanket silence).

What we are facing here is an industrial / military scale ‘elite’ child abuse operation which breeds MK Ultra sex slave trauma victims who are usually kidnapped as kids and then fed gender confusing drugs as they grow up, being sexually abused and traumatised the entire time, with the ones who survive and show the ability to play along then being groomed into careers in politics.

Some claim this is being run by ‘elite satanists’ while others claim it is being run by ‘elite Jews’ – while many agree they are the same thing.

Think :

  • John Key – nobody really seemed to know who his father was. His mother never commented once.
  • Stephanie Key – now crowd funding for a porn movie and posts naked photos of herself all over the internet, sometimes handcuffed in hotel rooms. Max Key not too far off either.
  • Obama – never released a legitimate birth certificate, married to a transvestite man, those two kids are kidnap victims
  • Donal Trump – married to a transvestite man, his kids are all trannies/ dressed in drag
  • Teressa May – tranny man running the UK
  • Julie Bishop – anorexic tranny man running Australias foreign policy. God help us
  • Jacinda Ardern – clearly not the same person as the young teenager shown on TVNZ with her science project
  • Winston Peters – almost the same name as Peter Williams, his long time business partner and mentor and head of the Mr Asia Herion trafficking mafia
  • Annette King – most likely a tranny man and alleged heroin trafficker
  • Kelvin Davis – looks very creepy and took a long walk for the child abuse cause up North a while back, but has remained tight lipped on the mass organized Masonic child abuse rings operating up there, as well as the suiciding of victims currently taking place.

Need we go on?

Some are suggesting that the best possibly solution to all of this is simply to arm yourself, and encourage your neighbors to arm themselves, and hold your kids back from school as much as you can. Study at home or in local community groups

The Western Governments are now little more than giant pedophile rings, run by trannies and MK Ultra sex slave victims.

As crazy as it sounds – its the sad truth. Most of these people have been so badly raped as kids – they have lost their minds, broken into split personalities, and all they can do is follow instruction. Most of them are now also serial child abusers.

Keep in mind how not one NZ MP or media personality has questioned the events of 911, not once. Nor Israeli involvement in it, nor any of the staged/ false flag terror events. And certainly not the holocaust worship. Not one of them. Not once.

Its a military mind control operation that these globalist corporate elites are running, and child abuse the modus operandi.


Psychopaths running our Nations.


Image – Jack Tame seems to have missed all of this. As has Hilary Barry. And still no comment from Eric Watson either. or Duncan Garner. Or Leighton Smith (another fake name?). Leighton, Tame and Garner. Are any of them actually real names?? 

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