Leighton Smith is Covering Up the NZ Masonic Child Abuse Rings


Featured Image – dopey little corporate sell out – Leighton Smith of Jewish owned Newspeak ZB. Is he just thick, or could it be worse? 


It was about a year ago that Media Whores noticed the company name leightonsmith.com Ltd had a very Jewish sounding name as a director…Nigel Paul EILENBERG (view link) . Oddly enough, seems Eilenberg has since died.

Leighton is an uncommon name and suggests someone a little bit ‘latent’. Non threatening.

Think Duncan to Garner, Jack is Tame, Gayon Espionage.

Leighton Smith is another of these personalities that claims to have come from nowhere in particular, and then ended up worth many millions and lives in a luxury mansion worth millions.

Below we reprint some of the many Masonic child abuse ring allegations, leaks and scandals that Leighton Smith seems to have completely missed.

ie) Do the math

Compromised right up the whazoo – if not right in the thick of it.

The Masons are drugging and raping kids up and down the Nation – even suiciding their victims – and Leighton Smith and his fellow MK Ultra mind control intelligence agents in the mainstream media are all covering it up.

Many of their child kidnapping and Talmudic/ Masonic victims are groomed into roles in media and politics – to control the narrative. This is being done on an industrial scale.

And like the all of the NZ media,  Leighton will never mention Israeli terrorism, 911 facts, fake war on terror, staged terrorism or any of the ‘elite’ child abuse ring allegations.

Leighton Smith pretends it is his business to report on such things and discuss them. Instead he covers ALL OF IT UP.

Leighton Smith is pure Masonic mind control. A shadow Government run counter intelligence agent. At best.

If latent “Smith” disagreed with any of those statements, he could always try reporting on the cases below – as is his job.

You can guarantee he will not. Its called the Masonic code of silence.

Today he is on about Chinese influence – a real problem – but he will never mention Rothschild / Jewish control of the Chinese Communist Party – dating back to Mao. Google it.




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1x George Street, Newmarket, Auckland, 1023 , New Zealand
11 Jul 2001

Leighton SMITH
53 Munros Road, Clevedon, Auckland ,
11 Jul 2001

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    Fred says:

    Leighton Smith is a crypto Jew,without a shred of doubt.
    His trip to Romanian was motivated by his pedophilia…..His actions in Romania never see the light of day of course.He should be arrested but his Freemason affiliations will ensure he remains untouched.
    Romania is well known to provide “raw material” for pedophile pornography.

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