At Least Three More “Suspected” Whangarei Suicides in Past Few Days – Sheryl Mai


Featured Image – Whangarei Mayor Sheryl Mai – with a nice little Masonic pyramid directly above her head. Hidden in plain sight. 


Following on from “at least” 3 more “suspected” suicides in Whangarei in just the past few days, the Whangarei Mayor has  issued a video statement imploring people to speak out and let them know if there is anything they can do to help.

As per usual, Media Whores is prepared to rise to the challenge, despite the fact that not one of these Rothschild and Goldman Sachs controlled Mayors or media people will.

Here is what needs to be done – and we apologise for the repetition:

  • expose the local Freemasons as the cult that they are
  • expose any Freemasons working in the Council and in any other local organization that gives them access to children – the new age churches especially.
  • remove the Freemason signs from the entrance to your towns
  • close down the local Freemason temples and buildings and round up and investigate all of their members.
  • ban freemasonry from NZ.
  • start exposing the Justin Davis Files which allege Masons are drugging and raping children across NZ on an industrial scale, using new age drugs which allow them to get away with their crimes.

These mayors and the media that enables and protects them will never take these steps however, because most of them are Freemasons themselves, and their power is said to come from this very child abuse we see in the media – often culminating in suicide.

So mass suicides, if not suiciding of Kiwi children continues unabated around the Nation – with all of these fake ass fools helping to cover it up, wittingly or otherwise.

whangarei-mayor-Sheryl Mai-suicides-freemasons-2

Image – From Sheryl Mai’s twitter account, the masonic symbols all over her new building, pyramids, triangles, XXX’s, 666’s. As the Masons start showing their symbols everywhere as a deceleration of their glorious godly power,  the inequality, child abuse, drug addiction, depression and suicides all hit new records. 


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12 thoughts on “At Least Three More “Suspected” Whangarei Suicides in Past Few Days – Sheryl Mai”

  1. Reply
    Jamie Lennon says:

    This illuminati conspiracy crap is really getting out of hand. Suicides happen because kids have lost their way or don’t have the support they need. Pointing the finger at a charitable fraternity isn’t going to reduce the numbers. Listening to and guiding your kids will. We as a community need to work together to help those affected by mental illness, that’s as a community regardless of their religion, class, race, sexuality, or what clubs they attend, we should all have one goal, and thats our kids, our future. No I am not a freemason, as I do not believe in a higher power, they wouldn’t accept me, but I know many, and they are good people, who accepted me as a friend regardless of what music I play or what beliefs or non beliefs I have, whoever wrote this needs to spend more time at the beach and less on the internet.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      have fun at the beach bro. we are going after the pedos. nz is crawling with them, and if you can’t see it, you are probably part of the problem.

      1. Reply
        Jamie Lennon says:

        Think we all want the pedos burnt but mate look at the catholic churches, the drunks, the synthetic cannabis users, the IT nerds, P heads, gangs, teachers, fuck even some people you work with might live on the darkweb, you cant know unless you hunt. I spent a very long time in my teens gathering Ip address of pedophiles on MIRC and Gnutella networks and getting them busted by the fbi, was alot easier back then due to nobody using vpns etc. There isn’t a single demographic that you can pin that on, freemasons get kicked out if they get a drunk driving charge, I don’t believe in this illuminati conspiracy shite thats circulating around the internet about them, yes there could be some that are pedophiles, just like there are probably some people in Whangarei/Auckland council or even the police force that are, the issue is not the organisation but the people themselves, and you are right, we all need to bring them down.

  2. Reply
    Tertius Terreblanche says:

    Read for a long time but never commented. Terrified one of the men, who I know is of the Masonic order, has just started the local Cub troop. Who’s attention should I bring this to?

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      Welcome 😉
      Who’s attention?
      Us. The public.
      We are all on the same side.
      Post it on Facebook. Post it here.
      You do not have to make any allegations.
      Just name him, and the group/s he is in.
      Then it is on public record.
      And they know they are being watched
      And others can find his name on a search also.
      Do the right thing 😉

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