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Featured Image – Newshub weather courtesy of foreign bank owned Media Works. Not to be confused with Media Whores. 


Media Works Logo - XXX/ 666
Media Works Logo – XXX/ 666


Masonic hand signals


In today’s weather update, Media Whores will attempt to explain to our dear and dedicated readers, how come the entire NZ government, NASA, Met Service, and Goldman Sachs/ Rothschild controlled Media Works operations were all unable to predict yesterday’s sudden hail storm in Auckland, despite using many millions of your tax payer money (yes, Media Works included) to monitor and warn on such things…

Could it be because the entire NZ media apparatus is in fact a giant MK Ultra mind control operation, specializing in distracting and traumatizing you and your family as they cover up Masonic child abuse rings in the name of ongoing foreign bank and corporate profits – and actually have no idea what the weather will be doing one minute from the next?

Media Whores investigates…

As I have said, the New Zealand media is a “child sex abuse and child drug movement”. Spymaster

Is the New Zealand Corporate Media Just a Front for Child Abuse Rings?


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