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Featured Image – Mike Bayley of Bayleys Real Estate – Chosen by God?


A reader told us yesterday that Mike Bayley has placed a giant number “7” on the side of his Hamilton ‘black cube’ office at “96” Ulster St Hamilton, cleverly disguised as a rugby player’s jersey.

In Masonic code, or to quote Jimmy Hendrix if you will, the 6 is a 9. One wonders if Bayley’s would have preferred an office at “666” Ulster St, but 96 is a close Masonic match at least.

Below is a short video which exposes the meaning of “7” in the Freemasonry satanic cult of ritualistic sodomy….

Is Mike Bayley placing giant Freemason symbols and code on his buildings for satanic Freemasons to see? Freemasons communicate with themselves via these numbers, symbols and codes.

We have previously pointed out that Bayleys Real Estate has a number of buildings which look like black cubes. The black cube is another masonic symbol for Satan, or Saturn. 6 sides and 3 dimensions. 666. The black cube has long been used by the Masonic pedophile satanists as a symbol of Satan/ Saturn.  As has the 6 sided hexagon and hexagram. The hexagon below was used by Bayleys Real Estate on their Youtube videos.

Seems Mike Bayley is using satanic masonic code all over the show.

Could this just be a coincidence? An accident even?

Or is Mike Bayley a practicing Freemason?

Some of the videos below allege that practicing Freemasons are in fact practicing satanists who use ritual sodomy of children as a means of procuring power and money.

We stress we have seen no direct evidence Mike Bayley is a Freemason or is in anyway involved in this alleged masonic child abuse. Just the ongoing use of these symbols.

Media Whores has recently exposed allegations that Kiwi children are being suicided by the masons in the Far North and Whangarei (and most likely other areas as well) to cover up their serial pedophilia in those communities.

Oddly enough, you will see Bayley’s Real Estate signs up all around these areas. Making money hand over fist.

NZ has been experiencing record real estate industry profits, record sell off’s to foreign buyers, and record child abuse, pedophilia and youth suicides. You will also see Freemason signs up at the entrances to most of these small towns. Could there be any link between the two?

We have also previously covered how ex Housing Minister Nick Smith was alleged to be running a child sex ring from his Nelson office with Freemason Dan Dolejs. Mike Bayley ignored those allegations – while his company was making record profits under the National regime, selling us out to Chinese and other foreign investors.

So the obvious questions are:

  • is Mike Bayley a Freemason/ Satanist?
  • why was Mike Bayley apparently not concerned about the pedophilia allegations against his housing Minister Nick Smith?
  • is Mike Bayley not concerned about the Masonic pedophile ring allegations in the Far North?
  • is Mike Bayley not concerned about the allegations that these same Masons are suiciding children en masse up North and in other areas across NZ?
  • is he still making record profits in these areas as the masons are accused of sexually abusing local children and then suiciding some of them to stop any leaks?
  • what is worth more? Bayley’s record profits around these areas, or the mass masonic pedophilia and suiciding of the victims? Or perhaps they balance themselves out?

Mike Bayley is invited to comment below.

What we do know is that NZ’s shadow Government is run by Freemasons – and sodomy and pedophilia is their modus operandi. This is essentially Jewish Talmudic law which allegedly uses pedophilia and sodomy as a means of trauma based mind control. We can’t confirm if Mike Bayley is part of any of that of course, but he does seem to be using Masonic symbolism all over everything he does, and is certainly making huge money out of the existing masonic controlled system in NZ.

Perhaps there is no link and Mike Bayley has unwittingly and accidentally implicated himself as possibly being a part of the Masonic cult by continued use of these symbols?

And regardless of whether Mike Bayley is part of this satanic cult or not, is it time Kiwis rounded up the alleged filthy pedophile ring Freemasons, seized all of their assets under the proceeds of crime and put them in prison? Perhaps Mike Bayley even  agrees that this needs to be done?

Would there even be these massive ongoing record corporate profits for these so called business leaders, without this ongoing ritualistic masonic sodomy and suiciding of Kiwi children? Perhaps the masons see it as necessary to keep the profits flowing?

Not sure if we have ever heard Mike Bayley comment on any social issues in NZ? He could correct us below if he wanted. Why would you though when you are making record profits? A few hundred sodomised and suicided Kiwi children is probably the furtherest thing from his mind.

Media Whores thinks it would be nice if some of these so called ‘leaders’ could put aside their obvious lust for money for a few minutes and showed a little more interest in some of these issues.

The Mass Suiciding of Kiwi Children in the Far North – by the Masons…..


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