Do the Jews Worship ‘Satan’? The Business of Doing Evil…


The banking industry is apparently controlled by Jews. They specialize in money counterfeiting, drug cartel money laundering, debt, bankruptcy and usury, all of which promotes slavery in various forms

The porn industry is apparently owned and run by Jews. They promote sexual addiction, child sexualization, disease, cheating, abortion, and the loss of divinity.

More and more allegations would suggest the Jewish mafia is heavily involved in the meth and heroin industries and associated drug trafficking. One simple example would be when Sean Penn was exposed meeting a cocaine baron in South America and then claimed he was doing a documentary. We see the power of Freemasonry (Jewish Talmud for the Goy) taking over in NZ as the meth industry booms along with it. Jewish power in NZ dates back through the Mr Asia heroin days also. Jews run Hollywood and Hollywood is fueled by cocaine. Some say the Weimar Republic was awash with Jewish drug trafficking.

Hollywood is almost exclusively owned and run by Jews and it is essentially a giant brothel, pushing soul destroying debauchery as it turns all of its stars into professional / high class whores.

Look at what they have done to Palestine – pure evil.


You can count on one hand the number of Jews with a voice who have spoken out about Jewish and Israeli involvement in 911 and the illegal wars / genocide since. There is a Masonic code of silence on Jewish / Israeli terrorism and illegal war.

The global media is mostly owned and controlled by Jews and all they do is mind control, lies, fake news, cover ups and associated poison.

Many if not most of the global food companies are owned and run by Jews and they all now specialise in pushing toxic poisons on people. There is no real food in the corporate sector at all. Monsanto being one obvious example, previously a chemical company responsible for agent orange, now selling GMO foods. Monsanto is a play on the words Moon and Satan.

Here is the long list of Jewish owned and controlled industries and companies, and almost all of them specialise in hiding the truth, robing people and pushing poisons.

The Zog – who controls America?

NZ politics, industry and media are now all heavily ‘dominated’ by Jews or people who claim to be Jews – and look at what they have done to NZ – debauchery, child abuse, poverty, suicides, teen suicides, inequality, working poor, homelessness, drug addiction, fkd roads, the demonic dairy industry and on and on.

Below are global corporate logos of companies mostly owned and controlled by Jews and they all have the rings of Saturn/ Satan and/or the Masonic pyramids and 666 triangles on them.

Perhaps the most telling thing however is the simple fact that you will almost never hear a Jew mention these things – with the odd notable exception. There is a Masonic code of silence. All we hear about is the precious Jewish holocaust and of the near religious worship of the Israeli State.

Jews are now statistically the wealthiest most powerful race on earth – but you are not allowed to discuss it. That would be antisemitic.

The fact that this elephant in the room – that of Jewish control and power – is never mentioned or discussed in the mainstream says it all really. The one thing nobody is allowed to discuss. Jewish power ….and the constant references to Saturn/ Satan.

The worship of Saturn / Satan/ eL… this their God? Saturn the destroyer.

Others argue they are not really “Jews” at all – but something else entirely.

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2 thoughts on “Do the Jews Worship ‘Satan’? The Business of Doing Evil…”

  1. Reply
    Cat says:

    Race is the issue
    Do the jews worship Satan the Devil that Old Serpent?
    Well they should do because He is their Father
    And they His littoral biological offspring
    Through Cain
    And not the seed of the Woman Eve
    Who YAHWAH God took out of ‘the’ Adam of Genesis 2:7 – Luke 3:38 (the first and the last Adam)
    Through Seth – Semetic – White Adamic – (Shem) the Sons of Abraham
    And are governed by the Life force within them
    Liars Deceivers Murderers
    Death Misery Destruction
    the Destroyers
    Contrary to the heresies espoused and spewed out from the venomous pulpits of judeo infiltrated corrupted christiantity
    the Beast of Revelation 13:11
    Which came up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.
    Catholicism and Protestantism
    A catholic being a protestant without a protest
    Which made itself an image of the Beast of Revelation 13:1
    A State Institutionalized Embedded Religion and tool
    Which hides behind the Bible as a facade and shield in a vain attempt to deflect the Truth and criticism
    There is not one thing that christianity teachs that is true
    Tolerance Diversity Understanding Equality
    Which is Communism
    Which is the acquisition takeover and control of all money power resources and wealth
    Call it Zionism if You want
    Judaism is Communism
    Pure and simple
    World Governments
    To which all the Kings of the earth
    Do fornicate
    And are drunk of Her blood
    And are controlled
    Through Usury
    And which She rides
    Interest under the guise and ruse of tax’s
    Who Owns the Reserve Bank of New Zealand?
    Who signed the International Fiance Agreement in 1961?
    When were NZ citizens turned over to the bondage of debt slavery?
    When did Chem trailing start in NZ?
    Who Owns the Bank of England?
    Who Owns the Federal Reserve which is not Federal and has no Reserves?
    Who Owns the Central Bank of Russia?
    Works the same for everyone
    Democracy is a Central Bank
    There is only One Party
    Doesn’t matter Who You Vote for
    It’s Who counts the Votes that counts not Who casts the votes that counts
    Democracy is a scam
    An Organized legalized Mafia Extortion racket
    Two wings supporting the same Ashkenazi body
    the Sanhedrin
    Which controls both sides thereby determining the outcome
    Changed around every so often so as to project and maintain the illusion of free choice participation and determination
    Hello John
    All crap
    All Past Present and Future events pertain to Genesis 3:15
    the Bible is only talking to one group of People
    Never a Land Mass
    Nor geographical Location
    Or a Country
    But a Nation
    I repeat race is the issue
    People get it wrong every time
    Don’t get distracted
    the Bible is no fairy tale
    With it’s 27000 mistakes
    Omissions deletions insertions mistranslations transliterations
    King James was working for judeo christianity
    And to project the image through a distortion of the Truth that the jews are Israel
    the Biblical Israelites
    History has already been written
    And will come to pass
    Time to wake up Kiwis
    the jews ain’t Israel

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