Richard Branson Tied to Pizza Gate Scandal Bigwigs


Featured Image- Richard Branson with NZ’s own “Nano Girl” Michelle Dickinson who pushes vaccines and other fake and dangerous science on unsuspecting Kiwi youth.

Richard Branson’s ties to the Pizza Gate scandal. Are they all part of the same ‘elite’ club?

Money and mind control. Kept in the family by ‘grooming’ the future mind control managers, from a very young – and illegal –  age.

Media Whores has previously warned Kiwis not to let their children anywhere near Nano Girl if they can avoid it. Calls herself a scientist trying to help kids while pushing the sodium fluoride mass toxic poisoning scam. A very dangerous person in our opinion.

Science Witch ‘Nanogirl’ Michelle Dickinson Pulls Out of Sodium Fluoride Debate

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