The Babylonian X Symbolism All Around You


There is no point reporting on the news.

It is 98% bullshit and MK Ultra / trauma based masonic mind control.

Pushed upon you by inbred degenerates, perverts, drug addicts and sex offenders with name suppression, in high fashion.

If the general public were to switch it all off and learn who runs it and the symbols they use, humanity would free itself from their slavery in a matter of days. 7 days would be a good guess.

X = siX.


XXX = porn = mind control = 666

X is the fallen cross symbol, turned sideways. Also planet X. Saturn.

“X Men Director fighting multiple sexual assault allegations.


Elon Musk – professional cock sucker / billionaire (same thing) 

You will see it being used all around you these days. In Masonic triangles and in many company logos around the place. Often without awareness in many of the smaller companies using it. The Masonic worship of ‘Satan’. The destroyer – as our Nation is wholesale raped and plundered, by a small gang of highly organized and very well dressed, filthy degenerates.

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4 thoughts on “The Babylonian X Symbolism All Around You”

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      mediawhores says:

      you know what – as soon as read that i know its true.
      was going over pics of him yesterday and thought he looked weird.
      Tectonic Taniwha – what % of the Nation still have their sanity and are awake, or semi awake to this stuff?

    2. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      unsure how many comments are getting through.
      the views are hacked to buggery
      we are getting up to 1000 visits every 20 minutes this week.
      comments seem a bit light also.
      wonder if also being blocked

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