The Great Dumbing Down – Smart Phone Slavery, Artificial Intelligence & 5G


Featured Image – Intel are moving most of their top end facilities to Israel. And they now have listening devices in every household, office and late model car in this Nation. Most notably all of the MP’s offices, and homes. 


In keeping with our ongoing commitment to expose truth – Media Whores strongly recommends to readers that you spend as little time as possible on websites such as ours, and on the internet in general.

The grand purpose is quite simply the total enslavement of mankind.

And it’s being run by left brain psychopaths, mostly from Israel and their Judeo Russian partners in globalist crime.

There will never be an “AI” system that is smarter than the real human intelligence. This is simply another attempt at mass mind control. Much like NASA, religion…and cancer – it is only true if you believe in it. Or better put, it will only occur if enough idiots fall for it.

Switch off your cell phone and leave it at home as often as you can.


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