Justin Trudeau is a Pizza Gate MK Ultra Child Grooming Abuse Victim


Featured Image – Justin Trudeau holds up the universal hand sign for pedophilia  – 666. One of Donald Trump’s favorites. 


Although being quite highly polished – or groomed would be a better word – make no mistake, Justin Trudeau is an MK Ultra mind control victim. And given his close relationship with John Podesta, there is reasonable grounds to conclude that he is also a Pizza Gate child kidnapping and sex grooming product of the Mk Ultra program.

Watch as he refuses to answer questions in the Canadian parliament, and instead takes instruction via his ear piece from his Mk Ultra handlers….

This clip reminded us a lot of watching John Key in the NZ parliament. John Key most likely being another one of these Mk Ultra child grooming victims. They are being produced on an industrial scale these days.

This is the unfortunate state of our democracies these days, infested with Zionist Mk Ultra pedos and child ‘elite’ child grooming victims. It has been done by design. Infiltrate and destroy.

This dude is a total lunatic.




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2 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau is a Pizza Gate MK Ultra Child Grooming Abuse Victim”

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    Badgoy says:

    I like Justin, most politicians are old and rigged. Justin is cook and smokes dope. He’s going to appeal to the young people and that kind of thing. You really need to see the truth about politics. He’s doing good. Youre just jelous.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      some of the worst comments we get are from this yandex/ russian email address.
      badgoy defends vinny eastwoods silence on the masonic child abuse rings.
      and apparently also supports canada’s bill 89 which allows the state to kidnap kids if parents do not agree with sodomy education for 5 year olds in school.

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