Leighton Smith Related to Senior Jewish Mossad Agent – George Friedman


Featured Image – Leighton Smith with some trannies – Leighton is most likely also a Jewish Mossad / Sayanim agent, posing as news. 


Following on from our story yesterday of Leighton Smith’s regular lavish tours of some of the leading child abuse centres of Europe and the Third World….

We tuned in briefly yesterday to Leighton’s mind control program on Newstalk/ Newspeak ZB and oddly enough heard a caller mention the Rothschilds. Smith almost jumped out of his skin “What have you got against the Rothschilds!”

Well how about non stop illegal wars, staged terrorism, and giant industrial scale pedophilia and child sex kidnapping around the World Leighton? All of the stuff you fail to notice or report on essentially.

We also went back and had a closer look at the article from Jewish owned Noted.co.nz in which senior Jewish Mossad / counterintelligence agent George Friedman is doing his job lying to everyone about history and the state of Europe today – blaming everyone except the actual Jews who are apparently running the show, not least running Germany.

The article actually states that George Friedman – a professional Jewish bullshit artist most likely guilty or treason in the USA for helping to cover up 911 and Jewish Israeli terrorism – is in fact married to Leighton Smith’s sister.

So little old harmless latent Smith – if that is actually his name – is in fact related to, or in laws with, one of the biggest Jewish Mossad spies in the USA. How about that.

We also pointed out that the other name on the company records for LeightoinSmith.com Ltd is a well known Jewish family name.


1x George Street, Newmarket, Auckland, 1023 , New Zealand
11 Jul 2001

We have also pointed out that Leightoin Smith – who has made many million of dollars by feeding us all fake news here in New Zealand – consistently ignores, if not deliberately covers up most of the child abuse scandals  that have been breaking around the place, not least our very own, such as the Nick Smith child abuse allegations, the Justin Davis Files, and the recently allegations of the Masons suiciding their victims in the Far North.

We will include below some of the Israeli terrorism that his brother in law George Friedman covers up also.

We think it is safe to conclude here, and we would be more than happy to go over it all in a court of law, that Leighton Smith is in fact a top Jewish Mossad / Sayanim spy in NZ – specializing in covering up Jewish power, Jewish terrorism, and Masonic child sex rings, all while posing as some kind of right wing news and analysis. We would also suggest this would make him guilty or treason and that he should see the rest of his days out in jail, with all of his assets confiscated. We also think he should be investigated for his part in any of the child abuse rings he seems to always be covering up.

A big call some might say, but just look at all of the evidence around us these days, some of which we post below.

Time to start calling a spade a spade.

It would be very unlikely to gt a non compromised Judge these days in NZ of course, but at least it all gets discussed on the public record.

[2014.10.13 김?±ë£¡] 미래?™ìž ì¡°ì? ?„리?œë¨¼ 박사. ?œìš¸ ?¬ì˜??

Leighton Smith’s brother in law – senior Jewish Mossad / Sayanim agent George Friedman (freed since the Rothschilds staged wwii presumably). Holding up the world wide hand symbol for pedophilia, 666. 

The Jewish Elite Child Sex Trafficking Rings in Washington DC – Pizza Gate:

NZ Judge Goddard – another tranny – covering up the Westminster/ Jewish elite child sex rings

The Israeli/ Jewish attack on the US Liberty, killing over 20 US service men


How Israel staged the 911 attacks

How Israel created and runs ISIS

Leighton Smith was quite defensive about the Jimmy Savile scandal – aggressively correcting the pronunciation of Savile’s name to callers who dared to mention it to him…..he has also ignored NZ Judge Goddard’s involvement in the cover up


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4 thoughts on “Leighton Smith Related to Senior Jewish Mossad Agent – George Friedman”

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    Bob says:

    Don’t know how these connections could be confirmed MW…according to Geni.com,John Phillip Key is related to the following people… (the number in brackets is supposedly the amount of relatives between the families and are listed individually)

    Kelvin Davis (24)
    Bill English (25) Jim Bolger(31) David Lange(21)
    Kevin Rudd (25) Gough Whitlam (23)
    David Cameron (18) Tony Blair (25) Winston Churchill (16)
    Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (18) David Rockefeller (20) George H W Bush (21)

    The following are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations

    Dianne Feinstein (born Goldman) (27)*
    Jeffrey Sachs (25)*
    Henry Kissinger (20)*
    Michael Bloomberg (26)*
    George Soros (19)
    Alan Greenspan (23)

    The names with * are connected through his mother Ruth Key (Lazar) while the rest are through his father George Ernest Key.
    George’s uncle Charles Key married Anne Darley,and it is through the Darleys connection to the Guinness Family that the above links are made.
    Lastly just a couple of random ones….Through his 2nd great grandmother Mary Key (born Makepeace) he is a fourth cousin once removed to Mia Farrow…..and Ruth’s great grandfathers daughter Anna,married a Weinstein.
    There are photos of Keys parents and other rellies on there too.with some bios..
    Who knows what to make of it all….maybe bullshit..maybe not

    Thanks for being one of the very few brave ones to tell like it is….biggest set of balls in NZ….right up there with Brendon O’Connell,Greg Hallet and Chris Spivey.

    1. Reply
      mediawhores says:

      i’ll take the compliment lol
      cheers man.
      will use it in a post somewhere
      i have no doubt they are all related. and abusing each others kids at passover

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